Day two of blogger week leads us straight to the utterly adorable and completely lovable Kat, otherwise known as The Book Tart.

When I invited Kat to blog with us, I figured she’d answer a few questions and that would be that. Boy, was I ever wrong. Kat grabbed hold of Daydreaming Dawn, and together the two of them have put on an extravaganza.

Here Dawn interviews Kat, but on Dawn and Kat’s blogs you’ll find them reading excerpts of the Divas’ books.

I’ve seen all the videos – and think they are awesome! Make sure to head on over to their blogs to see for yourself.

But for now, let me not prattle on anymore. Here’s Kat…


Pajama Party!

Dawn of Day Dreaming Book Reviews

interviews Kat, The Book Tart

(in bed!) 😉


My boo Dawn and I adore the Down Under Divas soooo we also recorded some random readings from their newest books and will be posting those silly videos all week too. Make sure you check The Book Tart or Day Dreaming Book Reviews to see more pajama party funness.


photo-1 (2)More Kat

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