Today I’d like to welcome our special guest, MM author E E Mongtomery. A native to Australia and my own adopted state of Queensland, E E has worked in several occupations before finding her passion in writing. A dedicated people watcher, E E finds stories everywhere. In a cafe, a cemetery, a book on space exploration, or on the news, there’ll be a story of personal growth, love, and unconditional acceptance there somewhere

Welcome E E!

When the path becomes clear..

I was with some friends on a dress-up picnic in a cemetery – you know, one of those very ordinary days. We’d each chosen a decade of the twentieth century, had to find a headstone from that decade and create a short story about the person who died. My decade was the forties and I was wearing an authentic 1940s fox stole, complete with five little foxes, tiny noses, ears and feet intact. Please don’t ever ask me to look directly at the stole or touch it with my bare hands. It creeps me out.

 I’d found a number of headstones from the 1940s but none of them resonated with me so I was just wandering around, reading all the inscriptions. I’d stopped in front of a tall headstone and had been staring at it for a while before I worked out why this particular headstone from 1915 grabbed me.

The epitaph was heart breaking. The young man who died had obviously been well-loved, but his headstone hadn’t been erected by his family. It had been placed there by ‘his loving friend’. A set of initials protected the identity of the friend.

So there I was, in the middle of a perfectly uneventful day and realization dropped on my head like a collapsing building.

The reason this man’s family had nothing to do with his death or interment, I decided, was because he was gay.

I had a friend in school who committed suicide after his father said he’d rather have no son than a gay son. I’ve spent years watching and trying to help adolescents struggle with their identity and the bullying that can occur when you seem a bit different. I’ve listened to parents virtuously claim they love their children unconditionally but won’t have them in the house until they decide to change their ways and have a ‘proper’ relationship with a woman (or man). I’ve been ready to scream at every bigoted arsehole I’ve met, but until that day in the cemetery I hadn’t worked out a constructive way to get my message across.

JustLikeaDateFinalSA week after my visit to the cemetery, I wrote my first M/M romance: Between Love and Honor, published by Dreamspinner Press. It doesn’t have a happy ending, but that didn’t matter to Dreamspinner Press. They loved the story and took it anyway. The sequel, The Courage to Love, which does have a happy ending, is due for publication with Dreamspinner Press in August/September this year.

 In between those two stories, I’ve written others that have also been published by Dreamspinner Press. Another short story, In Another Life, is scheduled for publication with Escape Publishing on 1 September this year. All of them have a message that self-acceptance and unconditional love are key to happiness.

I also write Science Fiction and one day in the not-too-distant future hope to be able to announce publication of my first SF novel. To see my published works, as well as some free short stories, visit my website: I publish a new entry on my blog every Saturday at, and you can find me on Facebook: Ewyn Elaine Montgomery.

Blurb: Just In Time


Sequel to Just Like a DateEEs Book
Just Life: Book Three


Mark Mendelson’s life is close to perfect: he has good friends, a successful business, and a solid reputation in the jewelry industry. He fought hard to get what he has after nearly losing it all fifteen years ago, when his then boyfriend, Cole Porter, stole his designs.


When a handsome man enters Mark’s store to request a commitment ring—a design Mark made specifically for Cole—Mark wants nothing to do with him. All he can think about is his rage at Cole’s betrayal, something he thought he’d dealt with long ago. But Mark’s would-be customer, Dr. Liam Watson, returns to the shop, thinking Mark might provide some answers. For years Liam has tried to convince his cousin Jon to leave Cole, who abuses him. As the relationship between Jon and Cole disintegrates, a fragile new one forms between Liam and Mark—but Mark can’t move on until he confronts Cole once and for all.

Thanks for posting with us today E E!