Welcome to the Diva couch – Kat (The Book Tart)


Day two of blogger week leads us straight to the utterly adorable and completely lovable Kat, otherwise known as The Book Tart.

When I invited Kat to blog with us, I figured she’d answer a few questions and that would be that. Boy, was I ever wrong. Kat grabbed hold of Daydreaming Dawn, and together the two of them have put on an extravaganza.

Here Dawn interviews Kat, but on Dawn and Kat’s blogs you’ll find them reading excerpts of the Divas’ books.

I’ve seen all the videos – and think they are awesome! Make sure to head on over to their blogs to see for yourself.

But for now, let me not prattle on anymore. Here’s Kat…



Pajama Party!

Dawn of Day Dreaming Book Reviews

interviews Kat, The Book Tart

(in bed!) 😉

Welcome to the Diva Couch…Dawn (Daydreaming Book Reviews)


It’s hard to explain how much we Divas adore Dawn. Not only is she a close friend to all of us, she has become a trusted Beta reader, a gold mine of promo opportunities and an indispensable part of all of our lives.

Quite simply put, we love her.

Welcome Dawn!


Who is Dawn/Drmgl99 – Day Dreaming Book Reviews?

Hmmmm… that’s a good question. Dawn is a quiet housewife, aunt, and caretaker for her grandmother.

(Jess butting in here. Um, did anyone else happen to notice she described herself as quiet? *Snort*)

I have been with my husband since I was 15 and we have been married for over 20 years now. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.
About 5 years ago I was laid off from a job of over 10 years and that’s when I found my love for reading. It had been over… Never mind, we won’t say how many years! Let’s just say it had been since High School since I read last until my niece asked me to read Twilight for her.

How did you become involved in the wonderful world of romance books?

My mother had always been a reader, more along the lines of True Crime and suspense types…not so much romance. Some of my first reads I picked up on my own, my poor mom got phone calls from concerned teachers, lol. It seems I didn’t read books they thought I should, Go Ask Alice and Helter Skelter, which were just a couple of them. It seemed I was drawn to the dark and I was intrigued by it.

I took a very long lapse in reading after I left school and didn’t pick up a book until Twilight. Once I read that, I was sucked into everything I could grab and believe it or not it was all YA! My dad then bought me my first Kindle for Christmas and I picked up my first “free erotic romance” read—because the cover was so pretty—RG Alexander’s Regina in the Sun.  I never knew there were books like that! Once I finished that book I was HOOKED, in the first week of owning my Kindle I spent over $100 buying up every book I could find by RG Alexander and everyone that was on her “customers also bought” list.

Tell us all about your blog.

Funny you should ask this question… My blog Day Dreaming Book Reviews all started because of a very pushy, loving, wonderful woman know as Jess Dee. I was lucky to meet Miss Jess Dee at my first RT in Los Angeles in 2011. I went to RT with some readers I met on the Smutketeers yahoo group – Kitty Kelly, Gigi, and Ive. I was a new reader and didn’t know many people by name or face, but these girls helped make it easy and I met tons of fantastic authors.

The first night there I met Lexxie Couper and Rhian Cahill… where you ask?… In the bar of course (having a cuppa). After meeting them, it was on from there—meeting people and having fun! Jess Dee grabbed me one day and told me “I’m sending you a book and you will review it on your blog, you need to do one.” LOL.  So, of course, I said yes ma’am and that was it! I went home and started my blog and that’s when Drmglr99/ Day Dreaming Book Reviews began.

I do interviews, reviews, contests, special excerpts, and just plain ol’ fun stuff on the blog. I love having an outlet to show the love I have developed for the romance community. It is an amazing group of authors, readers, and bloggers that I am so happy to call my friends.

(Jess intervening- again: 🙂 )

Do you work alone or are others blogging/reviewing with/for you?

When I first started my blog it was just me and it was really just for fun and keeping track of my books, but then it grew and I started to get review requests, so I added my bestie Lola. This past year I have gotten a job with All Romance eBooks and it takes a bit more of my time so I have added a few more reviewers Phuong, Casey Lu, Kennedria, and Jennifer. We are currently looking for two more reviewers, so if you’re interested in reading and like to talk about it, shoot me a Tweet or FB message  🙂

Do you have preferred genres – you know books you gravitate to?

No, that was an easy question—LOL.  I read nearly everything, but my reading choices do tend to change with my mood and actually the season as well. I tend to read more Paranormal, UF and Sci-fi in the winter and Cowboy, Contemporary, NA in the summer months.  But I’m pretty constant with the BDSM/Kink all year round!  🙂

There are “those” authors for me that I will read all-day any-day no matter what time of the year.

Okay, now let’s have some fun…

So, you took a cruise on a luxury boat. Unfortunately, the darn boat sprung a leak and is sinking. There are over a hundred passengers on board – and only one lifeboat. Why should the captain choose you to be one of the lucky ten who gets a seat on that lifeboat.

Oh please Captian Sir, take me with you. I will be your right-hand girl and help keep everyone in line. I have many skills that you may be in need of and I am willing to help in any way possible.

You don’t know anyone else on the boat. Well, not personally anyway. But there sure are a lot of familiar faces. Just before the captain lowers the lifeboat, he tells you that you can choose one other passenger to climb in with you. It could be ANYONE. Who do you choose, and why?

I can take anyone I want with me? *looks around* hmmmm… Can I take that really tall, thick, dark, strong, guy over there. He looks like he could carry me, climb coconut trees, build a fire, and scavenge a meal up for me when we are stranded on an island together. Yes, he will do nicely.

Your heart is now pounding a mile a minute. You know why? Because on board that lifeboat with you are two people you’ve always wanted to have a ménage with. (Told you there were lots of familiar faces on the big ship.) Who are they?

Mmmm… Oh boy, there are so many pretty and handsome faces but OMFG is that? No it can’t be… it is!! Oh HELL YES! *squeezes down the lifeboat. Excuse me, pardon me, exc… okay squeeze me that’s fine too* wiggles in between Michele Rodriguez and Jason Mamoa.  *looks between them*  Hi 🙂

You had to get out of your cabin in a hurry to get on the lifeboat. What are you wearing, and what did you manage to shove into your pockets?

Well damn, I didn’t know I was gonna have to run out and jump in a lifeboat to save my life. I would have put some clothes on! My mind was too busy, focused on locking myself in my room and fantasizing about all the gorgeous people on board. When I first heard the alarms I thought it was my ears ringing from the amazing… well that another story… Anyway, I grabbed what was closest to me, my robe and my vib… oh hell *searches around looking for a place to put it, oh hell, tosses it over board*  nothing else, my robe doesn’t have any pockets.

10) What is the last thing you say to the captain?

*Sidles up to the Captain*  Does the Captain always go down? *wink*

(Jess, having her say again: Best. Answer. Ever.)


You can find Dawn ALL OVER the web. But to be a little more specific, here are some direct links…

Blog – Day Dreaming Book Reviews – http://daydrmzzz.blogspot.com/
Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/daydrmz.blogg
Twitter – https://twitter.com/drmgrl99dawn
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4597477-drmgrl99

I would love for you to follow me at all my connections and chat romance!



(We told you Dawn was amazing!)

Giveaway: One commenter will win a ten dollar gift card.

Question:  Tell me what your favorite book of the year has been.

It’s Blogger Week At The Divas

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Last week we had a fantastic time with our wonderful readers. (Thank you Connie, Val, Lisa, Bobbie and Phuong.)

This week is dedicated to the fantastic romance bloggers out there. We spend so much time over on their sites, reading their reviews and interviews, the Divas felt it only fair to put them in the spotlight for a change. Just our way of saying thank you for all the incredible, hard work they do – with so much love.

We love you too.

Welcome to the Divas – Dawn (Daydrmzz), Kat (The Book Tart), Didi (Guilty Pleasures), Taryn (My Secret Romance) and Kelly (Kitty Kelly).\We look forward to posting your interviews.

Jess, Sami, RC and Lex

Phuong’s Reading Journey


Phuong is the last of our reading guests for this month. She is, to put it mildly, uber awesome. She is also one of the most hardcore romance readers I know. Not only that, she makes Jess, Rhian, Sami and me feel amazing every time we see her. And she’s one of our biggest cheerleaders on Twitter. Yep, we love Phuong. Big time.

Read her post, you’ll love her just as much.



photoI have always been an avid reader ever since I was a little girl and I devoured the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Little House on the Prairie series. I remember asking my mom to take me to the public library every week and checking out as many books I could at one time. I’m an only child so I really didn’t have an problems being by myself and just spending hours reading.drew38

I would soon discover my love for romance books in my pre-teen years once I started reading Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High books. I loved that the girl would meet her “first love” in high school and I enjoyed reading about them dating and being together. I enjoyed the innocence and sweetness of it all. The book that introduced me to S-E-X was Forever by Judy Blumes. OMG!!! I was SHOCKED, I tell ya! images-1My eyes nearly popped out, jaw hanging open and I had to keep re-reading the sex scenes and trying to understand. Holy smokes! Did the guy just named his “private part”? *Gulp* Well, I guess that didn’t leave any permanent damage to my young psyche because in the 8th grade, a fellow student gave me my first “adult” romance book to read, Remembrance by Danielle Steele and never looked back. I LOVED that book!!! It was a tragic love story but so good and I found myself sobbing in the school library where I volunteered. I find that if an author can evoke such raw emotions in a reader, then he/she has done a brilliant job writing the story.

1315722121About 6 years ago, I found myself somewhat dissatisfied with the sex scenes in the books I was reading and then I discovered the world of “erotic romance books”. OMG! That has been the best discovery of my life! I never knew there was such a genre and I fell in love with it after reading Branded By Gold by Carol Lynne and Covert Lessons by Mari Carr (NYT Bestselling Author) and one of my favorite authors. I enjoy reading both sweet contemporary romances as well as erotic romances including contemporary, menages, BDSM and paranormal. If I could read ALL DAY, I would, except that day job gets in the way. I love to just relax and escape into my fantasy world that these authors have created.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would meet any authors I had read, but I was fortunate enough to meet Jess Dee, Lexxie Couper, Rhian Cahill and many more at the RT Book Fair in 2011. I was so shy when I first met them and just in awe of being around my favorite authors. These ladies were the main reason I went to RT in Kansas City (sad I couldn’t meet Sami) this year because I just LOVE them to pieces and they have made me feel very special and let me be their “fan girl” because I have read almost ALL their books. Down Under Divas have made my life richer just by knowing them and I thank them for their kindness and helping me come out of my shell.



Reading Romance – Lisa and Bobbie’s journeys


Today is a special one Down Under. We Divas don’t just have one wonderful guest blogging with us…we have two!

Lisa G and Bobbie B are long time romance readers, Twitterers and Facebookers. We love them dearly, are proud to call them friends and are very excited to have them both here as part of our Reader Special week.


Please welcome Bobbie and Lisa to the Down Under Divas.



Hi everyone!! We are Bobbie B and Lisa G (aka mamaboo7907 and wolphcall on Twitter). 

(An aside from Jess: Follow these ladies on Twitter. They’re super fun to chat with.)

Thank you Down Under Divas for having us today!!

Bobbie: So the question is what do I love about reading romance? Well, let me see: sex, love, a story so emotionally written it rips my heart out and puts it back in again by the happy ending, sex, vampires, sex , wolves *giggles* See a theme there?

Lisa: ROFLMAO, great minds think alike. No wonder we are best friends. My loves about romance include: hot strong Alpha men, strong fierce women, light your sheets on fire sex, and a happy ending. How can you go wrong?

Bobbie: So Lisa, when did you start reading romance? How old were you?

Lisa: I started with Sweet Valley High around 11-12 years old, progressed to Harlequin and the bodice ripper historicals, and when I was 18 I found Lora Leigh and Christine Feehan. Now I am all about the hot smexy stuff with a good story line. I read, mainly, contemporary and paranormal erotic romance now.  Bobbie, when did you start?  What do you read now?

Bobbie: I have always been an avid reader, but I started reading romance at 12 when I found my mom’s Harlequins. Not long afterwards, Silhouette came out with the Shadows line and my love for paranormal romance began. I found erotic romance when I found Bertrice Small in my local library (which was conveniently three blocks from my home).  I read, mainly, m/m and paranormal erotic romance.  I started finding groups of likeminded readers online after picking up a book by Crystal Jordan and finding the Smutketeers Yahoo group. When did you find online groups, Lisa?

Lisa: When I read Three’s Company by Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, and Lorelei James, I went and found them on Twitter. I paid attention to their conversations, found Day Dreaming Dawn and her blog.  I also found Phoung Phan (aka bookfan747) who introduced me to an ever expanding world of authors. It also lead me to you, Bobbie. You showed me even more than I expected to ever find.

Bobbie: Awww, I heart you too Lisa. Yes, my fellow Divas, reading romance lead me to Lisa as well as an awesome lady in Canada. They are my BFFs, and I couldn’t imagine life without them or romance books. We are always comparing authors, publishers, reviews, discussing scenes, and asking the deep questions like “did they really have sex there”, “is that position even possible”, or “where can I find men like that?”

Lisa: Don’t forget “why would you even want to have sex with that person” or “did you see what that that hussy tried to do to the hero?” One of my personal favorite scene discussions was about Ty the sexy dragon and how he made the beach sand turn into glass. (Thank you, Lexxie!!) *fanning herself* The hotness, the horniness, and where in the hell did the batteries go?!? The essential discussions all readers have eventually.

Bobbie: *giggle snort* I keep stock in batteries no doubt. Romance books have made my life so much better. I found my best friends, some awesome authors, and a huge world of people just like me. Had you asked me three years ago, if I would be posting on blogs or talking to authors now, I would have told you it was impossible, there was no way it would happen.  What about you, Lisa?

Lisa: I got into romance because it gave me an escape from reality. It is my stress relief and sanity keeper. Bobbie and I both have special needs children, and romance frees us from the downhill slide into depression. Three years ago, I never imagined the friends I now have. I am blessed to know so many authors and great people who don’t judge you for what you read. The support in the romance community is priceless.

Bobbie: Ditto.

Bobbie and Lisa: Our favorite authors include: Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, Lexxie Couper, Mari Carr, Rhian Cahill, Lorelei James, Cari Quinn, Shelly Laurenston/GA Aiken, SE Jakes, RG Alexander, Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, Robin L Rotham, Crystal Jordan, Shelli Stevens, Jaci Burton, Maya Banks, Shayla Black, Karen Erickson, Kelly Jamieson, LA Witt/Lauren Gallagher, Jambrea Jo Jones, Vivian Arend, Sophie Oak, Melissa Schroeder, Cassandra Carr, Sami Lee, Lila Dubois, Bianca D’Arc, Kellie Kamryn, Beth Williamson, Kate Pearce, Kallypso Masters, Tymber Dalton, Lexi Blake, Lex Valentine, and Carrie Ann Ryan.

Now for the fun part my romance junkies. Lisa and Bobbie are offering up two $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Cards to two lucky people (one per winner, two winners). All you have to do to enter is answer this question: Have you found friends through reading romance yourself?

***Contest is open 72 hours (U.S. eastern time). Please leave your email address in your comment, so we can email you if you win. Open to where ever Amazon or Barnes and Noble GCs go, and you have to be 18 or older to win. Winners will be picked by Random.org, announced here in the comments, and emailed by either Lisa or Bobbie within 24 hours of contest closing.***

Another note from Jess:

Good luck to all contestants, and THANK YOU Lisa and Bobbie for visiting.

(Oh, and I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I kinda like your favorite author list.)


Reading Romance – Val Meglis’s Journey



Meg, with me (Lexxie) and Mari Carr

When Lexxie asked if I would like to write about what I loved about reading romance, I was truly shocked. I swear I read that email 3 times.  Then the shock wore off, and thought to myself, how in the world am I going to put in writing what I loved about reading romance. Out came the laptop, and I started typing.

Sweet-Valley-High-Double-LoveMy journey into the worId of romance started with the Sweet Valley High series.  And no, I was not in high school. I was (gasp) much younger! It was like an American teenage soap opera, and I was addicted. It was fascinating to read about the trials and tribulations of young love and high school life in general. Obviously the next step in my romance adventure was stepping it up a notch into adult romance. I would have to credit my teacher Mr Brown and my much older cousin who to this day does not know that I sneaked a peak at her 300 page plus romance book about a heroine growing up in the rural South. I remember thinking there is no way a male and female could do those things in the back of a truck and in a barn. Hence, my shocking introduction into open door and then some.  Back to Mr Brown. He was a highly respected teacher and truly devoted to his ailing wife. I would occasionally see Mr Brown at the library returning a bag full of books. We would exchange pleasantries when we saw each other. Finally I got the nerve to ask him why he had so many books. He said the books were for his wife who was bed-ridden at the time and she liked romance books. He also said he would occasionally read them to his wife. I was like wow. You’re an awesome husband, Mr Brown. Not very many men would admit that. All Mr Brown said is that he loved his wife very much. I remember thinking if I ever get married, I want to marry someone who truly loves me like that. And I did!!! J I was curious to know what type of books Mr and Mrs Brown read together.  So I walked over to the group of shelves I always saw him at.  And there was my intro to Harlequin romance books. I recall thinking to myself should I even be at this section of the library. There was no sign stating adults only, and I was definitely not an adult. Heck I was barely a teenager! But curiosity got the best of me, so I started looking at book covers and blurbs at the back of the books. There was the glitz and glamour in the Presents line. There was the passion found in the Desire books. I was in awe. Going down the aisles and shelves, I found even more romance books. The world of historical romance, suspense and paranormals. And oh boy did the paranormals catch my attention. This was a whole new fantasy world for me. And there it is. The number one reason I read romance. The sub-genres of romance provide so many options. Depending on one’s preference, you have your pick from sweet to erotic, inspirational to rom-com, YA to NA, m/f to m/m and every combo in between, contemps to paranormals.

Thank you Divas for giving this week to your readers. You are a fabulous group of Down Under authors. Lexxie your talent of writing across the romance genre takes courage. As a reader, thank you for taking those courageous leaps for you are one of the few that does each sub-genre damn well. Rhian your Coyotes is what drew me to your writing, but you down right shocked me with New Year’s Kisses. Brilliant idea behind New Year’s Kisses. Jess, you have a knack of writing about real people and make your readers feel the emotions of the situation. Although Office Affair is my favorite, your More Than series is absolutely wonderful. Sami, the fact that you gave us Erica’s Choice and then turned around and wrote A Man Like Mike, sheer awesomeness.  The Down Under Divas is why I read romance. Talented authors who give their readers endless possibilities of different worlds.



Okay, guys. Me again. Lexxie. I’m at a loss for words. Actually, no, I do have words. I think I want to marry Mr. Brown.

Val, thank you for sharing your romance reading journey with us. The Divas think you are bloody brilliant. Seriously. Now, I think I have to write me a new hero. Think he’ll be a teacher. Think I may have to call him Mr. Brown…

Reading Romance – Connie Caputo-Thomas’ Journey


This week we are sharing some of our amazing readers’ journeys to romance (and our books. Hee hee hee) and our first guest is Connie. I met Connie for the first time via another reader (Val Meglis, who is super awesome). Val introduced us and the rest is history. At RT in Kansas City this year, I got to meet Connie (and Val) in person! And let me say, she is bloody brilliant!!

Connie shares with us all today her journey to reading romance. (Hee, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Connie says she can’t write, but I tell you, I think she’s fooling herself. I love this blog post. Love it!)

Readers, I give you one of your own…Connie 🙂

Here we go.. Was I always an avid ready… HELL NO! Maybe when I was a kid growing up in Canada my mom, like all moms, bought me my first Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery and that was it, my first romance novel.  Go find a Canadian girl and ask them if they haven’t read the Anne of Green Gables series and I would find that strange.  I went and ready all the series books, including Anne’s children books and then like all young adults I just stopped reading and swapped it out for partying and having a good time.   Who am I? Connie or Concetta , which ever sounds more sexy and romantic! Yes I’d like to have both.
TwilightbookA few years ago I was stressed out with work and needed something, I didn’t know what but over the years I have read a few books but not many.  It was 1am in the morning one night and I happened to see this movie Twilight on and figured, who cares if I go to work tired, might as well watch it and see what all the hype it about.  At this time the Twilight series was getting close to releasing the third movie.  I don’t know if it was something in that daze of tired/stressed out mode that something in that movie affected me, I loved it and wanted to READ the book just to find out what happened, low and behold it was a series! Something just sparked and I ran out and had my MOM buy the books, yep I was a little embarrassed to be buying YA books, why would a GROWN woman want to read some teenage romance?! Right…Well WHY NOT?   I needed a good romance some sort of escape from the real world.  I do attribute the initial spark from my mom (for buying me Anne of Green Gables) and who reads ALL the time but something that night changed everything for me.

So here I am…beta reader for Lexxie Couper and loving every minute of it.  Do I get to read everything, no, wish I lack of time, I do need SOME sleep.  I have read at least ONE book of all the DUD and I keep trying to read them all… You women are fantastic you let me escape reality, although I have to say some of you the books are so real I can see myself in them! I love ALL romance novels, historical, contemporary, YA, erotic, paranormal, simple, detailed etc.   If it’s a romance it’s for me.  I actually have had some of the best dreams that I sometimes am unsure if it ISNT true! Haha I also have a recurring idea that I dream, day dream about often and wonder if maybe I should pick up the pen (not literally as I can just use my laptop) and jot down some notes.  Even if it’s only for me.

Ultimately it was one stressed out night 4 years ago that I decided it was time to change some things for the better and since then I have met some of the best women! Going to RT would have never entered into my head simply because I wouldn’t have known about it. It’s like one door opened and then another, then VAL introduced me to a teaser book from Mari (NYT Best Seller Mari Carr) and Lexxie each and nothing has been the same since and I honestly DON’T ever want it to be. I have a better life now for my family and friends because I take me time and read all those sexy books you ladies put out there.  There is this quote from the movie Eat, Pray, Love (the Italian part naturally being my favorite), “la dolce far niente” or simply put, “the great do nothing” and that speaks VOLUMES to me now.  Yes, take the time to smell the roses, when was the last time you did? I know I do all the time now. IMG_4161

Umm, ok did I even write about what I was supposed to for this? Hmmm well maybe not but I hope you enjoy my little bit about your fan – me!

Haiku (because Lexxie dared me).

Those muscles are so hard and defined,

I want to touch and lick every inch of him, and I do.                                         

Damn did I just wake up from a dream?!


Connie, THAT is my favourite haiku you’ve ever written *grin*

Thank you for being a guest of the Divas, and most especially, thanks for being a fan. For that, we Divas are YOUR biggest fans 🙂


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