pleasingthedoctor_msrI posted about this at my blog the other day and promised I would also mention it here for those who missed it. Read on for your chance to win a naughty novella!

I’m pleased to announce that my naughty little BDSM elements novella is finally available at all third party sites, including Amazon! Anyone who has been waiting to get it in Kindle format you are now free to do so. Yay!

To celebrate, I thought I’d give away two copies of Pleasing the Doctor to two lucky commenter.

So what is Pleasing the Doctor about? Alice is a divorcee who hasn’t had sex since she left her husband, and figures a no strings one night stand is in order to get her back in the sexual race. Too bad her blind date is a total dud. Enter Dr Damien De Luca, a doctor from out of town (or so she thinks) who chases off her bad date and proceeds to take her on a kinky journey that shows her the submissive side of herself.

But can a woman who had to fight hard for independence really get into a relationship with a guy who expects obedience?

I think Alice is going to have fun finding out, don’t you? :)

Pleasing the Doctor is now available at Ellora’s Cave, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Amazon or your favourite e book retailer.

Below are five of my favourite snippets from the book. Vote for the best  in the comments for your chance to win one of two copies of the book:

1. Heat spiraled inside her, expanding like a phoenix that rose, wings stretching, from the ashes of her once healthy sexual appetite. Flames flickered to life, fanned by the weight of Damien’s hand resting on her thigh. On top of the dress, not under it like Ron, yet it seemed so, so much more intimate.

2.  She didn’t even want to imagine how Damien De Luca would behave if he wasn’t holding back.

That was a lie. She did want to, was already imagining it in fact. He was the take-charge type. If they were alone he’d have her pinned to the wall by now, his mouth on hers, his hands… Her breathing quickened as she pictured all the places she’d be willing to let him put his hands. Basically everywhere. And his tongue—his impossibly arrogant, clever tongue. She wanted that everywhere too.

Her nether regions throbbed, a hard pulse of base lust. She was hot for him. A complete stranger who’d barely touched her and she was fired up like a race car that had been held back in the pit too long.

3.  Still without looking at him, Alice gathered her evening bag from where she’d hooked it over the back of the barstool and stood. “Well, that was…” She had no words, something that would have shocked her ex-husband Cal. He always told her she talked everything to death, that it took all the fun out of things. Not so boring now, am I, Cal? Boring people didn’t let strangers finger them in public. She was pretty sure it was against the boring person code.

4.  “It’s been over a year, so forgive me if I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.”

Damien loosened his grip on her, gave her a little space. “You want me to be gentle with you?”

“God, no.” Alice struggled not to blush again as Damien laughed at her blurted response.

He released her entirely and stepped back, eyeing her as though seeing her for the first time. “You know, I think I really like you.”

Alice shrugged, using humor to pretend she wasn’t warmed by the declaration as she followed him farther into the room. “You’re quite lickable yourself.”

He cocked a brow at her intentional mispronunciation. “Tell you what, I’ll let you lick anything you want…if you take off your dress.”

5.  “Don’t be scared. I got carried away but I can slow down if you need me to. It’s hard because you’re so sexy. And so beautifully submissive.” He angled her head back so he could look at her. “You had no idea, did you?”

Alice’s lips trembled. Her voice did too. “I h-have a good job. I’m a team leader at a bank. I have my own money. I left a marriage that didn’t make me happy.” Realizing her cheeks were wet, Alice hid her face in his shoulder once again. “I’m not weak,” she finished, ignoring the fact that physically, right now, she was just that. Weak and tremulous and needy.

“I know you’re not. You’re strong—strong enough for me.”

So what do you think? Let me know!


PS I’ll leave this comp open until Friday and announce the winners here!