Unforgettable Summer Out Now!


The day is finally here, my 10th book is available for purchase.

So… do you want to know more about Ty Butler?

Catching the one that got away could be the ultimate ride

Wild Crush, Book 1Unforgettable Summer 200x300

Champion surfer Ty Butler is living the dream—a great career, a globe-trotting lifestyle, and his pick of women. Then a visit to his hometown forces him to face Summer Campbell.

A decade on, she still gives him an adrenaline rush to beat the biggest waves. She’s also as unavailable as ever, or so he thinks. When the truth comes out, Ty decides it’s time to lay old ghosts to rest—and lay Summer flat out in bed.

Ten years ago Summer committed the ultimate sin by falling for her sister’s boyfriend. She rejected Ty’s love out of duty, even marrying another man in an attempt to move on. An attempt that failed. She never forgot Ty—or the havoc loving him wreaked in her life.

Her body wants to finish what they started long ago. Her head tells her she can indulge in a wicked affair with no regrets. But when the pro-surfing tour inevitably calls him away, her heart could crumble like a sandcastle beneath his feet.

Warning: Book contains hot sex with a hot surfer. Might warm your heart and heat up a few other parts, as well. Might even inspire you to chuck it all in and chase the endless summer.

Unforgettable Summer is now available at

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or your favorite e book retailer.


His voice was so close to her ear it was all Summer could do to stifle a yelp. She hadn’t thought about how cramped the two of them would be in the tiny kitchenette that was barely large enough for her and Penny to inhabit at one time. She tried not to look at him as she handed him the green box, even though she could feel his attention fixed on the side of her face.

Don’t be ridiculous, Summer. She had to look at him or risk giving the impression she was afraid to do it. She turned her eyes upward until they met his. Ignoring the little kick her heart gave, she cleared her throat. “You drink peppermint tea?”

His lips twitched and his hazel eyes sparkled. “It’s for my mum.”

“Oh.” There was something inherently sweet about Ty—world-champion surfer, man’s man, ladies’ man, and all-round risk-taking rogue—running errands for his mother. Summer’s insides melted a little.

Okay, a lot.

“And for the record, I think you’re pretty damn conspicuous,” Ty said. “People notice you, Sum. I notice you. I always have.”

Summer’s head spun, both in reaction to his softly rasped words and his nearness. Belatedly she realized she was still clutching the box of tea which Ty held in his upturned hand. The smell of peppermint wafted between them, adding piquancy to the familiar earthy scent of Ty. The air seemed to crackle with electricity. Summer couldn’t tear her gaze from his.

Ty’s whiskey-warm eyes continued to hold hers as he took the tea from her grip and tossed it onto the table. He lifted a hand and touched two fingertips to her cheek, stroking along her cheekbone, lightly, as though reacquainting himself with the softness of her skin.

Then he turned her so they aligned breast to chest. Summer dared not breathe, lest her hardening nipples scrape his pecs and give her away.

“I’m going to kiss you, Sum,” he announced matter-of-factly, causing hot swirls of anticipation to churn in her belly. “Not because I’m proving some point, but because I want to. And because you want me to.”

Given the warning, nobody could describe this kiss as a surprise. But the touch of his lips on hers was a jolt to Summer’s system all the same. Ty brushed his mouth over hers, teasing her lips apart before slowly wetting them with the tip of his tongue. Summer moaned, the sound strangled. Ty responded by dipping his tongue into her mouth, too briefly, before drawing back and nibbling on her lower lip.

Summer’s hands went to his shoulders, and the corded strength beneath her fingers made her tremble in an innately feminine way. He was strong, so much stronger than he used to be. And he kissed even better than she remembered. There was no escaping his grasp, had she possessed the fortitude to try. So Summer allowed herself a moment of surrender. She tilted her head back and let her lips fall apart, an invitation no man could miss.



Are You On The Naughty or Nice List?

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Want to read the opening of A Sprite’s Tale? Cause you do. Because it’s a super erotic, super short, super sexy story about Santa’s sexy nephew and the Australian bushland sprite who ties him to a tree. Seriously 🙂

When an Aussie bushland sprite collides with Santa’s nephew on a sunny, isolated Australian beach, the sand won’t be the only thing that scorches!

Nick Saint Nicholas

The rumbling in my gut hit me before the jet did. Well, before the jet’s turbulence did. One second I was skimming through the sky, the cool wind on my face, the next my gut feels like the San Andreas Fault having a bad day. I toss a look over my shoulder, see the Qantas Airbus and think, oh shit.

Ten seconds later, I’m in a wild spin, heading straight down; sleigh, sack of presents, eight reindeer — plus that red-nosed ninth wheel, Rudolph — and all. Not the perfect situation, I have to say. No wonder my uncle is a jumpy mess come Christmas Eve.

Ever plummeted through a high-altitude cloudbank while trying to regain control of a sleigh chock-full of presents? It ain’t easy, especially when said cloudbank makes you blink like mad and you’ve left your sunglasses back in your uncle’s workshop at the North Pole, damn it.

Especially when Rudolph’s nose is flashing like an insane traffic signal, Blitzen is trying to pull right, Donner is trying to pull left and Comet looks like he’s two seconds away from throwing up. Trust me, reindeer vomit is not easy to get out of denim.

Scrambling for both the wildly flailing reins and the gyro leveler on the sleigh’s control panel, I flicked a quick — and I have to admit, worried — look at the rapidly approaching terrain coming up to meet me. Or rather, the wide stretch of completely isolated beach I was rapidly approaching. If I didn’t get some semblance of control back, my uncle was going to be down one nephew, his only nephew, and a lot of kids were going to wake up Christmas Day sans presents under the tree.

This wasn’t good. So much for a dream run to warmer skies to give the old man a break.

Snatching the lashing reins — just — I yanked on the strip of leather. It always cracks me up that my uncle’s sleigh is decked out in technology way beyond human comprehension but he insists on retaining reins to steer the thing. Come to think of it, he probably doesn’t need the four-legged fur-covered propulsion units either, but Santa’s always been a fan of tradition so…

All right, all right, I hear you. Enough of the back story, Nick. Get back to the situation, already.

So, I’m heading for a deserted beach somewhere — I think on the far north coast of Australia — wrestling madly with a set of reins that feel more like a live snake. The beach is getting closer, the night air is getting hotter, I’m sweating and it has nothing to do with the tropical summer’s heat.

The reindeer are frantically pawing at the sky desperate for traction, that bloody nose of Rudolph’s is flashing like crazy (who knew it acted as a hazard signal as well?), Dasher’s throwing me surly looks, the moonbeam-bathed beach is about to turn us all into flapjacks, I’m close to popping my shoulder-joints yanking on the reins…and we pull out of the spin. Not entirely, but enough. Thank the Christmas Spirit for that.

We hit the beach. Hard.

Reindeer tumble and roll everywhere, antlers clack, clatter and crack, reins snap, the sleigh smashes into the surf-compacted sand, bounces once, twice, smashes down again, and I’m flying through the air in a wild arc, flung from the carriage like one of my uncle’s expertly made rag dolls.

Guess I should have been wearing my seat belt, huh?

* * *

Maybe I should introduce myself before I go on. Nick Saint Nicholas. The one and only Saint Nicholas’s one and only nephew. I do the odd Christmas miracle for my uncle when he’s pressed for time. It’s been a mad year this year and I wanted to give the old man a vacation — he’s never taken one, not even during the mid-2020s when the UN declared him a potential terrorist target and banned Christmas for three years. ‘Christmas without Santa may as well herald the end of humanity’ I heard him grumble moments before shooting into the skies on a covert present drop.

No, the old man needed some time out, and what’s family for if not to help when the going gets tough? So I hijacked the sleigh and took off from the Pole before he finished buckling that thick black belt of his around his waist. And then — about four hours into the delivery process — the Qantas airbus happened to cross my flight plan. So much for good intentions.

What the hell was I to do now?


You can pre-order A Sprite’s Tale for the awesome price of $1.11 at Amazon and for .99c at Barnes and Noble It will be available December 1st :)


More Than Words releases today!


I am stoked. The third book in the More Than series, More Than Words, releases today!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was sent the galleys (the absolute final edits for print books) for More Than This, the print anthology of More Than Friends, More Than Lovers and More than Words). I loved going through them, as it gave me the chance to revisit all three stories just before Words released.

But here’s the funny thing. While reading through More Than This, I realized how very quickly time passes. I finished writing More Than Words in May of this year, and we finished editing it about six weeks later. I would not have given this passage of time another thought, had I not noticed something I’d written in More Than Words that is no longer valid.

See, in one of the scenes, a character makes reference to the prime minister of Australia. (No, it’s not a big, heavy, political reference. It’s totally made in jest.) The prime minister mentioned is Julia Gillard. At the time of writing and editing the book, this was all factually correct. However, fast forward a few months to November, and not only is this no longer correct, but Australia has seen two new prime ministers since.

So I beg your forgiveness if you notice the error. The book had already been formatted and sent to booksellers by the time I picked it up, and I couldn’t change it. I do promise however, it will in no way interfere with the rest of the story or your enjoyment of the book.)

So, now that you know about the invalid part of the book, wanna hear about the rest? Read on for the blurb and the first page:



He’s just seen the one thing that was meant for her eyes only.

More Than, Book 3

Molly Harris never intended to send that letter. It was only meant to be a secret record of her true feelings for her boss, gorgeous pediatrician Sam Shepard. But in the chaos of a crazy day at work, Molly accidentally hits “send” instead of “delete”.

Mortified by her mistake, Molly acts in the only way she can. She submits her notice of resignation. A professional-etiquette line’s been crossed, and there’s no going back.

Sam’s mouth goes dry—then it waters—when he discovers his receptionist has sent him a dirty love letter. Or to be more explicit, a wicked, erotic love letter, neatly outlining her many fantasies involving him.

Now Sam has two choices. Either he can be the ultimate professional and accept Molly’s resignation, or he can acknowledge the depths of his desire and maybe, just maybe, convince her to send him another saucy email…

Warning: Could cause the uncontrollable urge to write—and receive—dirty love letters. But proceed with caution…you’re going to want to act on those letters. Immediately.


Molly Harris blinked twice, sure her eyes must be deceiving her. But focusing her gaze only confirmed what her brain had told her the first time. The woman in the white coat who’d walked into the reception area of the doctor’s waiting room was indeed holding a surfboard.

After three years of working as a medical receptionist in the private hospital in Sydney, Molly had seen her fair share of unexpected surprises, but the vibrant red, yellow and white surfboard against the backdrop of the bluish-grey walls? That was a first.

The board was much bigger than the pretty redhead holding it.

Molly tried to hide her astonishment. “May I help you?”

“Uh, yeah, please.” The woman smiled as she walked over to the counter. “I’m looking for Sam.”

“These are Dr. Sherman’s rooms,” Molly confirmed, “but I’m afraid he’s not in right now.” It was a little before eight thirty in the morning, which meant Sam was busy with ward rounds.

“Darn. I thought I’d catch him before work.” The woman frowned. “I need to return his surfboard. I’ve already had it a few days, and I’m pretty sure he’s starting to miss it.”

Molly caught her jaw before it dropped. Sam had lent someone his board? His only escape from work? He treasured that thing.

“Would it be okay if I left it here for him?”

“Of course. Why not bring it into my office, and we can lean it against the wall, out of the way?” Her office was separated from the waiting room by the counter, which doubled as her desk. If the surfboard rested against the back wall, no one would see it.

“That would be great.”

Molly beckoned her around the counter and pointed to the appropriate spot, between her office and the kitchen. “Prop it right over there.”

“Would you mind giving Sam a message for me?” the surfer asked as she balanced the board in place. It looked enormous in the smallish space.

“Not at all.” Well, maybe she would mind a bit. It depended on the message. If Sam was lending his surfboard to the woman, it meant he was hanging out with her, and the thought about killed Molly.

Not that it surprised her. A gorgeous man like Sam should hang out with pretty women. He probably had flocks of them flanking his sides whenever he left the hospital. Harems.

She fought off a grimace. Being a member of Sam’s harem held no appeal. Call her selfish…but she wanted him all to herself. Every scrumptious six-plus feet of him.


More Than Words is available at Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite ebookstore.

Happy reading,


Coming Soon: A Sexy British Knight, A Fiesty Aussie Vet…and a Road Trip…

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Tagging along to a party outside her normal circles, veterinarian Casey-Louise Marley never expected to find herself being seduced by a British knight. Sir Addison Lancaster is way out of her league, but damn, he’s sexy. And flirting with her. Things get even hotter when Addison pulls her into his arms. And positively scorching when he kisses her.

Casey knows she’s got to get away from Addison’s rakish charm before she loses her heart. The trouble is, she lives two hours north and her ride is nowhere to be found.

So when Addison offers to drive her home, with the possibility of seducing another kiss from her, Casey can’t say no. And reaching their destination is only the beginning…


Stay tuned for more details…

(Yes, this is me being a tease. Hee hee hee)

Conclusions from DUDCon13


Some of you expressed your wish to have been a fly on the wall during our inaugural conference last weekend. Well, you asked for it, so here goes

WARNING: The views expressed in this post are NSFW and not necessarily the views of all Divas at all times, although they were each expressed by at least one Diva at least one time during the course of DUDCon13, and all of the Divas laughed uproariously. Also quotes are random and may seem inexplicable. Further explanation of such quotes could lead to more NSFW content and other disasters. Read at your own peril

  • Young Australian men apparently call a blow job a blozza (you heard it here first)
  • Vagina biscuits are very creamy (you’re surprised?)
  • If one drink turns a hoohah into pussy, how many drinks do you need to have to turn pussy into c***? (one and a half, as it turns out)
  • It is perfectly okay to eat frozen yoghurt for dinner. Especially if it’s creamy.
  • Never top up your drink. Topping from the bottom is okay.
  • It is perfectly okay to consume the bulk of a 1.7ltr bottle of Costco premix margarita between four people. Even if one of them pikes and only has one (*narrows eyes* you know who you are)
  • If a guy’s business turns over $1million per year, you have Jess Dee’s permission to fuck him. Seriously.
  • Rhian Cahill is awesome to sleep with (Spoken by Lexxie Couper. We’re still waiting on confirmation from Mr. C)
  • Jess Dee offered to shower at the same time as Sami Lee. Sami’s husband was thrilled until he found out Jess has more than one shower in her house
  • It is perfectly okay to eat nachos for morning tea. In fact it is sometimes mandatory.
  • Overheard quote of the week: Jess: “I read a book with a fuck machine in it”. Lexx: “You read a book with someone fucking a sheep?” (It’s wool love people. The new dino porn)

Wish you were all there!

Actually, maybe not.



DUDcon13 in pictures


On Friday, after carefully clearing the house of any family (I packed them off on a camping trip), the Down Under Divas gathered at my place for three days of just being together. Yep it was our very first official Down Under Diva Conference, otherwise known as…DUDcon13.

Sami Lee made sure to draw up an agenda so we actually got some great work done, but in general we had a blast chatting about anyone and everything industry related. (And yep, if you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume we chatted about you! In the best possible way, of course. 🙂 )

I could bore you with details, but instead I’ll just post some of the pics we took that summarize our time together. (You might already have seen them on Facebook.)

DUDcon13 begins

DUDcon13 begins

Soon as Lex arrived, we started posting pics to FB. (Yep, you may already have seen all of these there.)

Soon as Lex arrived, we started posting pics to FB.

Friday night was loads of fun - especially with the help of this industrial sized bottle of ready-made margarita mix. :)

Friday night was loads of fun – especially with the help of this industrial sized bottle of ready-made margarita mix.

Saturday morning saw us exercising. A long walk along the beachfront and cliffs. (Sami warming up)

Saturday morning saw us exercising. A long walk along the beachfront and cliffs. (Sami warming up)

And...the beachfront we walked along. (Remember it was early morning.)

And…the beachfront we walked along. (Remember it was early morning.)

Our American guest - Mari Carr gate crashed the conference. (And yeah, she brought beer.)

Our American guest – Mari Carr gatecrashed the conference. (And yeah, she brought beer.)

Saturday lunch at the Deli. (Yeah, we did A LOT of eating and drinking.)

Saturday lunch at the Deli. (Yeah, we did A LOT of eating and drinking.)

Back home again after lunch, Sami is cracking her whip, and we're getting some work done.)

Back home again after lunch, Sami is cracking her whip, and we’re getting some work done.)

Saturday dinner was the best! Frozen yoghurt. (And RC managed to put away a shitload of the stuff. Seriously, for a thin girl, she eats like a horse!)

Then came the moment I had to skip out for a little while on Sunday morning. But I was comfortable leaving my house in the care of my three good writing buddies. Really comfortable. Because who wouldn’t trust these girls:


(Sorry, would have liked to upload the video here, but WordPress wouldn’t let me.)

Suffice to say we had a blast and are already planning our next conference – DUDcon14.