I am stoked. The third book in the More Than series, More Than Words, releases today!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was sent the galleys (the absolute final edits for print books) for More Than This, the print anthology of More Than Friends, More Than Lovers and More than Words). I loved going through them, as it gave me the chance to revisit all three stories just before Words released.

But here’s the funny thing. While reading through More Than This, I realized how very quickly time passes. I finished writing More Than Words in May of this year, and we finished editing it about six weeks later. I would not have given this passage of time another thought, had I not noticed something I’d written in More Than Words that is no longer valid.

See, in one of the scenes, a character makes reference to the prime minister of Australia. (No, it’s not a big, heavy, political reference. It’s totally made in jest.) The prime minister mentioned is Julia Gillard. At the time of writing and editing the book, this was all factually correct. However, fast forward a few months to November, and not only is this no longer correct, but Australia has seen two new prime ministers since.

So I beg your forgiveness if you notice the error. The book had already been formatted and sent to booksellers by the time I picked it up, and I couldn’t change it. I do promise however, it will in no way interfere with the rest of the story or your enjoyment of the book.)

So, now that you know about the invalid part of the book, wanna hear about the rest? Read on for the blurb and the first page:



He’s just seen the one thing that was meant for her eyes only.

More Than, Book 3

Molly Harris never intended to send that letter. It was only meant to be a secret record of her true feelings for her boss, gorgeous pediatrician Sam Shepard. But in the chaos of a crazy day at work, Molly accidentally hits “send” instead of “delete”.

Mortified by her mistake, Molly acts in the only way she can. She submits her notice of resignation. A professional-etiquette line’s been crossed, and there’s no going back.

Sam’s mouth goes dry—then it waters—when he discovers his receptionist has sent him a dirty love letter. Or to be more explicit, a wicked, erotic love letter, neatly outlining her many fantasies involving him.

Now Sam has two choices. Either he can be the ultimate professional and accept Molly’s resignation, or he can acknowledge the depths of his desire and maybe, just maybe, convince her to send him another saucy email…

Warning: Could cause the uncontrollable urge to write—and receive—dirty love letters. But proceed with caution…you’re going to want to act on those letters. Immediately.


Molly Harris blinked twice, sure her eyes must be deceiving her. But focusing her gaze only confirmed what her brain had told her the first time. The woman in the white coat who’d walked into the reception area of the doctor’s waiting room was indeed holding a surfboard.

After three years of working as a medical receptionist in the private hospital in Sydney, Molly had seen her fair share of unexpected surprises, but the vibrant red, yellow and white surfboard against the backdrop of the bluish-grey walls? That was a first.

The board was much bigger than the pretty redhead holding it.

Molly tried to hide her astonishment. “May I help you?”

“Uh, yeah, please.” The woman smiled as she walked over to the counter. “I’m looking for Sam.”

“These are Dr. Sherman’s rooms,” Molly confirmed, “but I’m afraid he’s not in right now.” It was a little before eight thirty in the morning, which meant Sam was busy with ward rounds.

“Darn. I thought I’d catch him before work.” The woman frowned. “I need to return his surfboard. I’ve already had it a few days, and I’m pretty sure he’s starting to miss it.”

Molly caught her jaw before it dropped. Sam had lent someone his board? His only escape from work? He treasured that thing.

“Would it be okay if I left it here for him?”

“Of course. Why not bring it into my office, and we can lean it against the wall, out of the way?” Her office was separated from the waiting room by the counter, which doubled as her desk. If the surfboard rested against the back wall, no one would see it.

“That would be great.”

Molly beckoned her around the counter and pointed to the appropriate spot, between her office and the kitchen. “Prop it right over there.”

“Would you mind giving Sam a message for me?” the surfer asked as she balanced the board in place. It looked enormous in the smallish space.

“Not at all.” Well, maybe she would mind a bit. It depended on the message. If Sam was lending his surfboard to the woman, it meant he was hanging out with her, and the thought about killed Molly.

Not that it surprised her. A gorgeous man like Sam should hang out with pretty women. He probably had flocks of them flanking his sides whenever he left the hospital. Harems.

She fought off a grimace. Being a member of Sam’s harem held no appeal. Call her selfish…but she wanted him all to herself. Every scrumptious six-plus feet of him.


More Than Words is available at Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite ebookstore.

Happy reading,