Here’s to a Sexy New Year

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From all of us here at the Diva’s Desk, we’d like to thank you for visiting us this year and to wish you all a super sexy, scintillating, champagne-soaked new year, if that’s your thing. We hope you’ll join us for more releases, snippets, rants, cover reveals, eye candy, random fun, discussions, celebrations and general poorly scheduled craziness in 2014.


Lexxie, Rhian, Jess and Sami

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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.

With love,

The Divas

Introducing New Adult Romance Author, Cherie M Hudson

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Hi World, it’s me. Lexxie Couper. You know me, but I think it’s time I introduce to you Cherie M Hudson, my New Adult romance writing pen name.

Why DOES Cherie M Hudson exist, exactly?

The story for Unconditional (Always, Book One) came to me earlier this year. It is an intensely personal labour of love for me more than any other book I’ve written. The heroine, Maci Rowling, a twenty-two year old college student from Plenty, Ohio, suffers from early on-set Parkinson’s Disease. This is a disease I know a lot about because not only did my uncle have Parkinson’s Disease, but my dad suffers from it now, as does one of my brothers.  Uncondtional was, essentially, a book I needed to write as a way of coming to terms with my father and my brother’s futures, as well as the future of my mum and my sister-in-law. But why release it as Cherie M Hudson? Because it ISN’T a Lexxie Couper book.

The characters are younger for starters (22yrs old and 23 yrs old). The plot is not driven by or hinged on erotic and sexual tension. Yes, there is some sex in it, but it isn’t as graphically described as my Lexxie sex scenes. The story is about young people coming to terms with being adults. Learing what it means to be in charge of their own decisions and their own futures…and dealing with adult problems and issues.

It is set for a January 21 release and I can’t tell you how very very proud of it I am.

Cherie M Hudson and Lexxie Couper are separate intities. This will be the last time I talk about Cherie M Hudson here (very soon there will be a hyper link up the top of my site to Cherie M Hudson’s site but for now, you can click HERE for Cherie’s site/blog) but for now, I would like to take this opportunity to share Unconditional’s cover and blurb. I hope you, my Lexxie readers, will read it one day.

She has a future she can’t escape. He refuses to let her face it alone.

Twenty-one. The age when adult life begins. In my case, it’s the age I learned my future sucked, big time, and there was nothing I could do about it. Every minute of every day I face the fact my life is only going to get worse. Why? Because I have early-onset Parkinson’s Disease. I’m not going to let it get me down, but I also can’t let anyone close. That’s not fair to them, or to me. Trust me. So that means my heart and my soul, is off-limits.

But then I get the chance to travel to Australia on a college scholarship program and life royally screws me over. Again. It was meant to be the most exciting ten weeks of my life. It turns out to be the most nerve wracking.

Raphael Jones is an arrogant Australian celebrity, the hottest guy on campus and a pain in my ass. Worst of all, he makes me ache for a life I’ll never be able to have. Especially when he takes me in his arms and does wicked things to my body.

How do I have a hope of surviving ten weeks in Australia when it’s not just the paparazzi who have me in their sights, but Raph as well? Because Raphael Jones is a man who always gets what he wants. And no matter what I say or do, he refuses to accept what I so painfully know: a life and future with me is no life at all.

Unconditional is already on Goodreads (how cool is that!) You can find it HERE


Release Day – 7 Minutes In Heaven by Rhian Cahill #newrelease

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It’s finally here! The first book in my new Are You Game? series, 7 Minutes In Heaven, is now live all over the net. 🙂



Luc relaxed the muscles in his arms and did the one thing he really didn’t want to. He set Cassie on her feet. Whoever had been hammering on the door had stopped, but the damage was done. Regret was written all over her pretty face. Scrubbing a hand over his stubbled jaw, he drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Luc,” he said

Cassie’s gaze met his, one delicate eyebrow arched.

“My name. It’s Lucas Wilhelm. I’m head of McDermott Security, a position I’ve held for ten years.” Luc added the last part in the hope of reassuring her.

“Oh. Um, well…” She lowered her eyes, hiding the uncertainty swirling in their honey-coloured depths.

Placing two fingers under her chin, he tipped her head back until her gaze met his once more. “Don’t back down now, Cass. Where’s the woman who’s fought me for control for the last couple of hours gone?”

She shook her head, dislodging his fingers. “She just had common sense kissed right out of her.”

The small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth pulled at his gut and eased his mind. He hadn’t been sure at first, but now he didn’t doubt she’d bounce back from their mind-numbing lip-lock. Luc had expected they’d be explosive, he just hadn’t realised how unstable their chemistry was. He’d have to keep his hands off her until they were in more suitable surroundings or they’d find themselves sans clothes. There was one sure-fire way to keep her at a distance though. Strip her of control.

“As of now, this party is over.”

“What?” Her eyes narrowed to slits.

If looks could kill, the one she aimed his way would slice him to ribbons, and Luc figured she’d used it to de-ball many a man before him. Good thing he’d spent years developing a tough exterior. Although she’d found a way under his skin already, he wasn’t about to cower beneath her hostile stare. Luc embraced the hum in his veins. The zap delivered courtesy of her returning ballsy attitude. He’d never gone looking for a fight. Sure he’d been in plenty, but he’d never started one. Except now. With Cassie. And there was no denying the thrill thrumming in his blood. He was more than looking forward to their combat. He was eager for it to begin.

“As you can hear, there’s no longer music blasting through the house and that’s thanks to Lachlan McDermott ripping out power cables. If I were you, I wouldn’t be surprised when your DJ files a damage report and insurance claim.” Luc smiled as a growl rumbled in her throat. He’d never heard that particular sound from a woman, and he’d certainly never found it a turn on coming from any man, but there was no mistaking the tightening of his sac or the hardening of his erection.

“Damn men.” Cassie shoved passed him and flung open the door, using it to push him out of the way.

Before he got his head in gear and made it out from behind the door, she’d disappeared into the kitchen. With long strides, Luc followed only to witness her sexy arse vanish through the far doorway. Covering the distance in seconds, he found his men doing as he’d ordered. Between them and Cassie’s staff, the guests were quickly being ushered from the house in a tidal wave of drunkenness. His search for Cassie was hindered by the surge of bodies moving towards the front door, with his chances to spot her zero he let himself be swept up in the tide. When he reached the front yard, hire cars and drivers lined the street. Inebriated partiers tumbled into backseats, car doors slammed and departing vehicles were quickly swallowed up by the night.

With the party down to the last few stragglers, he turned back to the house determined to find Cassie while his men dealt with the remaining guests. He found her back in the kitchen. Leaning his shoulder against the doorframe, he folded his arms, crossed one ankle over the other and watched as she gave orders while packing box after box with glasses. The image of efficiency, her movements were economical and fluid, her speed and accuracy proving she’d done this a thousand times before. Luc relaxed and enjoyed the view. His pants grew snug and he had to shift his stance to alleviate the pressure.

Available from –

Samhain Publishing ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iTunes ~ Kobo

Are You On the Naughty List? Or the Nice?

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Are you naughty or nice this Christmas? Well it just so happens that Rhian Cahill & Lexxie Couper have both covered. ;)

Rhian’s Secret Santa is a sweet contemporary novella set in the same world as last years holiday novellas.




Lexxie’s A Sprite’s Tale is a very erotic paranormal rom-com novella set on a deserted tropical island off the Australian coast.

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