Up at 6am.

chris-hemsworth-bodyQuick email check before exercise bike session for 30min (try to interact with friends and followers on Facebook during this time. Don’t always succeed. Am often distracted by sexy pictures of Chris Hemsworth…) 6:30am, Peanut and the Demon Princess wake and the mad chaos of getting ready for school begins. Finally arrive home from dropping them at school at 9am (sometimes 10am if I go to the gym first. Brendon the Benevolent is a hard task master, and I am trying to get in shape for the Romantic Times Readers convention in New Orleans after all).

9am(ish): Start writing. Get distracted by emails. Go back to writing. Get distracted by Facebook. Go back to writing. Get distracted by sickening panic that I’ve done nothing to promote upcoming release/recent release. Go back to writing. Get distacted by the fact I haven’t updated my blog in months. Panic because I can’t think of anything witty/clever/profound to write on blog. Beat self up for being so pathetic. Go back to writing. Get distracted by distracted muse. Abandon writing in favour of food. Go back to writing after lunch. Write like crazy because I’m running out of time before needing to collect the girls from school.

2pm: Muse finally decides to join the party and the words flow…

2:15pm: Stop wriitng because I need to collect the girls from school.

3pm-8:30pm: full-time Mum-mode.

8:30-10pm: Full-time Mum/wife/house keeper/school lunch maker-mode

10pm: Go back to writing while answering emails while interacting on Facebook while trying to raise awareness of my books…

10:30pm: Play with the cat when muse refuses to be nice to me.

11pm: Collapse exhausted in bed.

11:30pm: Begin dreaming. Usually R rated *grin*

Sooo….how does your day go?