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Finally, we can reveal the awesome news the Down Under Divas have been keeping under wraps–and a gorgeous new cover to boot! We’ve had the best of all times writing four HOT MFM novellas and we’re going to release them all at once. Yep, ALL AT THE SAME TIME in one glorious boxed set. Can you say happy dance?



Pleasure intensified. Desire multiplied.


Pass the Parcel by Rhian Cahill

For one night Kitty will be everything Ethan and Finn want. But living out her wildest fantasies was never meant to be this good. And when the sun comes up she’ll discover she’s given them more than her body. She’d given them her heart.


Compliance by Lexxie Couper

Bethany’s got a thing for two hot guys: a nerd and a jock. She’s also got a fantasy that will be mutually pleasurable for them all. She isn’t expecting complete and utter sexual domination though…nor losing her heart to one of them.


Party Of Three by Jess Dee

Spencer Allen’s quest for true love just hit a brick wall—his best mate, Levi Barret. Their mutual lust for the same woman, Chelsea Holden, could spell the end of their friendship…or the beginning of a whole new relationship.


Burning Up by Sami Lee

Pam Spencer is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places. Sure, she wants a solid relationship, but if steamy casual sex is on offer, who is she to turn it down? Especially when the offer comes from not one, but two smokin’ hot firefighters.



Down And Dirty will be available from your favorite ebookstore in June. What do you think–Is the world ready?


The Divas

An Easter Contest with Intl Heat

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Happy Easter!

To help you kick off your spring/autumn, the authors of IntlHeat are holding an exciting contest this week.

There are many ways to enter and LOTS of prizes.

Win a $25 gift card to Amazon or a “first in the series” ebook to introduce you to some great new stories by Bianca D’Arc, Lexxie Couper, Lexi Blake, Lila Dubois, Rhian Cahill, Mari Carr, Sami Lee and myself.


Just click on this link:
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A Rock Star, A Hollywood Writer and the Woman Who Stirs Them Both…

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Blame it on the Bass releases today. Today. Book Six of the Heart of Fame series releases today. Who would have thought I’d be six books into a series way back in September 2011 when I wrote a little novella called Tropical Sin about two best friends and the jaded rock star that brought them together? I am so very proud of this book (I think it’s my best book to date) and hope those of you who have been following along love it as well.

Can they mend his broken heart?

Heart of Fame, Book 6

After a horrific accident robs rock legend Levi Levistan and his long-time partner, Corbin, of their dream of becoming parents, Levi is lost in a sea of grief. Until he runs into an old high school flame and their chemistry reignites.

Corbin Smith is intent on bridging the chasm between their hearts. But witnessing his lover’s steamy onstage kiss with a woman jolts him to the core with sexual arousal. And he realizes the key to their healing is standing in Levi’s arms.

As an erotic romance editor, nothing much unsettles Sonja Stone. She’s not even surprised at her body’s powerful reaction to Levi’s kiss. But when Corbin approaches them, eyes smoldering with hunger, his suggestion shakes her to the core.

Sensing their unspoken wounds, Sonja agrees to take a chance on a threesome. Their union is explosively perfect, but something is holding Levi back from sealing their searing emotional connection. Something that could destroy their love once and for all…

Product Warnings

This book contains angst, torment, sarcasm, humour, scorching m/m sex, searing m/f sex and explosive m/m/f sex. And a memory of a horrific past that may disturb some readers.

Exclusive Excerpt

Levi’s cock jerked in his jeans, all too eager to resume its earlier rigid state. The talk of Corbin being aroused by Sonja was affecting him again, big time. As did the hope Sonja would agree to their request, despite her earlier refusal.

Sonja smirked, blew on her nails and polished them on her right boob. “There you go, Stan. I’m so hot I can make gay men horny.”

“That you can, Ms. Stone,” Corbin agreed, his smile wide. “It’s a first for me.”

Cocking her head to the side, Sonja fixed him with a direct stare. “Which leads me to ask, why?”

Corbin raised his eyebrows. “Why do I find myself aroused by you?”

She nodded.

Mouth dry, Levi poured them all fresh sake. In his jeans, his dick throbbed again. In his chest, his heart bashed against his ribs. What was his partner going to say?

“Because you bring Levi to life,” Corbin stated, his voice clear and calm.

Sonja narrowed her eyes at the simple response. “And that’s it? It has nothing to do with my tight arse? My eyes?” She cupped her round breasts, somehow even more incredible—in Levi’s opinion—in the snug AC/DC tank she wore. “My boobs?”

Corbin chuckled. “Well, here’s the thing, until last night, boobs have never really been on my radar. But I have to admit, watching Levi squeeze yours in the Do Re Me…well, I’ve been finding myself curious ever since.”

“And my arse?”

“Now your ass is a thing of beauty.”

Levi realized he was leaning slightly over the bench, trying to get a peek at Sonja’s butt when Corbin laughed beside him. “See what I mean? You bring him to life. I’ve never seen Levi openly check out anyone’s ass before.”

Sonja slid Levi a steady glance, a smile playing with her lips. Her gaze connected with his, the molten desire of their teenage romance burning in the blue depths of her eyes.

A thick spasm claimed his cock and he shifted on the seat, trying to get comfortable.

“What about you?” she asked, returning her attention to Corbin. “Doesn’t he openly check you out?”

Levi turned to Corbin. “Fucking oath I do,” he murmured. And before Corbin or Sonja could say a word, he leant forward and kissed Corbin’s parted lips. Thoroughly. Passionately.

“Okay, okay,” Sonja grumbled. “Get a room, you two.”

The words were in jest, but there was no mistaking the shallow breaths Sonja pulled as she uttered them.

Breaking the kiss with a sucking nip on Corbin’s bottom lip, he swung back to face her. “We have a room, Sonny. We have a whole apartment. Come back to it with us.”

You can buy Blame it on the Bass at Amazon (click here), Barnes and Noble (click here) and Samhain (click here)

A Little Teaser


I thought I’d share a little Tuesday Teaser from Irrepressible Jasmine, my hot upcoming romance from Samhain Publishing. This one stars Summer’s (from Unforgettable Summer) sister and it’s a rather cheeky little tale if I say so myself. Very heavy on the hanky spanky 🙂

This part takes place just before Aaron and Jasmine’s first night together, and I love how they put all their cards right out on the table. EnjoyCover

*  *  *  *   *   *   *

Never missing a stride, Jasmine reached for the side zip of her dress and drew it down. It slipped off one shoulder, revealing a black bra strap. She disappeared into the last bedroom, the guest room situated at the northeastern corner of the house.

Taking a deep breath and trying to keep a hold of his wits, Aaron followed.

Moonlight shone into the otherwise darkened room, throwing rectangles of light onto the furnishings. Jasmine sat on the blue and green quilt wearing only her lingerie, her stockings and her high heels. Leaning on the doorjamb to study her instead of stalking to the bed and kissing the life out of her was one of the hardest things Aaron had ever done.

“Here’s how this is going to go, AJ.” Jasmine crossed her legs and leaned her weight back on her hands, the pose causing her breasts to thrust upward. “I’m thirty years old and I know what I want. I want sex, not hand-holding. I don’t need reassurance, nor do I need you to take things easy on me. I don’t stroke egos. I don’t fake. I don’t beg. I don’t swallow. And most importantly I don’t cuddle. Other than that, anything goes.”

Aaron’s brain screamed to a halt at those last two words, a hundred scenarios flickering through his mind. This was already the best sex of his life and she hadn’t even touched him. Pushing off the doorjamb with his shoulder, Aaron came into the room, loosening his tie as he walked. “Just so we’re clear, Jas,” he began. “My ego’s just fine as it is and all I want you to stroke is my cock. I could care less if you swallow because by the time I’m at that point I’m not even thinking about you anymore. You won’t have to fake a damn thing, you might change your mind about begging and as for the cuddling… We both know I didn’t bring you here for that.”

He slipped off his tie and tossed it onto the chair in the corner of the room. Next he shrugged out of his jacket and sent it the same way. Jasmine reached over and switched on the bedside lamp, then turned back to watch, openly appraising, as he undid every button on his shirt. He didn’t have to school himself to do it slowly because he liked the way she was looking at him, with eyes as hungry as a jungle cat’s.

He released the last button, but before he could slip off the shirt Jasmine stood and moved her hands to his shoulders. She took over the task, sliding the material down over his arms, his wrists, until the shirt dropped to the floor. She held his gaze the whole time, and Aaron had to remind himself to breathe.

“One more thing,” she said in a low murmur. “This happens only once. I’m not after an ongoing thing.”

“Why don’t we discuss that over breakfast?”

“Don’t get ahead of—”

Aaron stole the words from her, taking her mouth in a way he knew revealed for the first time the impatience rampaging inside him. He’d stopped caring about projecting a blasé front. His libido was making demands he simply had to meet.

*   *   *   *   *  *  *   *

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