I thought I’d share a little Tuesday Teaser from Irrepressible Jasmine, my hot upcoming romance from Samhain Publishing. This one stars Summer’s (from Unforgettable Summer) sister and it’s a rather cheeky little tale if I say so myself. Very heavy on the hanky spanky 🙂

This part takes place just before Aaron and Jasmine’s first night together, and I love how they put all their cards right out on the table. EnjoyCover

*  *  *  *   *   *   *

Never missing a stride, Jasmine reached for the side zip of her dress and drew it down. It slipped off one shoulder, revealing a black bra strap. She disappeared into the last bedroom, the guest room situated at the northeastern corner of the house.

Taking a deep breath and trying to keep a hold of his wits, Aaron followed.

Moonlight shone into the otherwise darkened room, throwing rectangles of light onto the furnishings. Jasmine sat on the blue and green quilt wearing only her lingerie, her stockings and her high heels. Leaning on the doorjamb to study her instead of stalking to the bed and kissing the life out of her was one of the hardest things Aaron had ever done.

“Here’s how this is going to go, AJ.” Jasmine crossed her legs and leaned her weight back on her hands, the pose causing her breasts to thrust upward. “I’m thirty years old and I know what I want. I want sex, not hand-holding. I don’t need reassurance, nor do I need you to take things easy on me. I don’t stroke egos. I don’t fake. I don’t beg. I don’t swallow. And most importantly I don’t cuddle. Other than that, anything goes.”

Aaron’s brain screamed to a halt at those last two words, a hundred scenarios flickering through his mind. This was already the best sex of his life and she hadn’t even touched him. Pushing off the doorjamb with his shoulder, Aaron came into the room, loosening his tie as he walked. “Just so we’re clear, Jas,” he began. “My ego’s just fine as it is and all I want you to stroke is my cock. I could care less if you swallow because by the time I’m at that point I’m not even thinking about you anymore. You won’t have to fake a damn thing, you might change your mind about begging and as for the cuddling… We both know I didn’t bring you here for that.”

He slipped off his tie and tossed it onto the chair in the corner of the room. Next he shrugged out of his jacket and sent it the same way. Jasmine reached over and switched on the bedside lamp, then turned back to watch, openly appraising, as he undid every button on his shirt. He didn’t have to school himself to do it slowly because he liked the way she was looking at him, with eyes as hungry as a jungle cat’s.

He released the last button, but before he could slip off the shirt Jasmine stood and moved her hands to his shoulders. She took over the task, sliding the material down over his arms, his wrists, until the shirt dropped to the floor. She held his gaze the whole time, and Aaron had to remind himself to breathe.

“One more thing,” she said in a low murmur. “This happens only once. I’m not after an ongoing thing.”

“Why don’t we discuss that over breakfast?”

“Don’t get ahead of—”

Aaron stole the words from her, taking her mouth in a way he knew revealed for the first time the impatience rampaging inside him. He’d stopped caring about projecting a blasé front. His libido was making demands he simply had to meet.

*   *   *   *   *  *  *   *

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