I read a book recently by an author who’s very popular. The book in question was billed as a romance, and for a while it was going along okay. Then the oddest thing happened.

It ended.

Kinda suddenly.

You see, there was no black moment. There was a cute meet, conflict, things keeping them apart. Then they got together, finally, and then… that was it. I was left wondering WHERE IS MY MISERY?

Where was the black moment?

For the uninitiated, that’s what we romance authors call the part of the book after the hero and heroine have overcome their initial points of conflict to get together either physically or emotionally or both, but then something else crops up to shatter their newfound togetherness. It might be a lie that was told early in the book that has been waiting like a smoking gun to come between them, it might be a really bad argument that makes the couple think they just can’t make it work after all. It could be any number of things, but there’s usually SOMETHING, at least I think there ought to be. That’s where the drama comes from–and personally, I love me some drama. I think the high of the HEA is enhanced by a really deep and dark black moment. In other words, the more miserable the couple are just before they get happy, the happier they seem when they are ultimately, finally, utterly, happy.


What do you think? Do you enjoy the ‘black moment’? Does misery make you chuckle with perverse glee?

or is that just me?