“And all that’s left is the ghost of your smile…and the whispers in the night…”

Okay, not really, but with the release of Blackthorne, the Heart of Fame series has come to an end. For those that have been with me from the beginning of this journey through Nick Blackthorne’s world, I thank you. For those new to the Heart of Fame series, I hope you enjoy Blackthorne (it totally can be read as a stand-alone).

For those that are sad the series has come to an end (I know there are at least one or two of you out there) don’t worry. While the series may be finished, there are still plenty of stories to be told in the Heart of Fame world.

It All Began With Tropical Sin…

A long time ago I wrote a novella called Tropical Sin. It was part of the Bandicoot Coveseries, along with books from Jess Dee and Vivian Arend. In Tropical Sin, the readers got to meet a disallusioned rock star called Nick Blackthorne. Nick was only ever meant to be in that one book. But he wouldn’t shut up and before I knew it, I was writing his story, Love’s Rhythm, the first book in the Heart of Fame series. Who would have thought there would be 7 more to follow…

And so we come to the last book of that series. Book Eight. Blackthorne. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning of the series, this is Josh’s book. Josh, who we first met as a 15 year old small-town country boy who’d grown into his teenage years without knowing who his father was. Suffice to say, I shed quite a few tears while writing this book.

Rhythm is in his genes. She is in his heart.

Caitlin Reynolds doesn’t care if the rock star lookalike trying to get into her bar is who he says he is. Sticking to the rules is a big reason the Chaos Room is the hottest velvet rope in Sydney.

Okay, so he’s freaking hot, but she’s been ignoring her hormones since her fiancé left her to go be a doctor in Somalia and then went missing.

After a shattered knee ended his promising soccer career, it seemed only natural for Josh Blackthorne to follow in his father’s rock-god footsteps. Now he’s a megastar, lusted after by women—and men—the world over. But he’s been in lust with Caitlin since he saw her picture years ago.
When Caitlin realizes Josh is who he says he is, she’s the first to make it right. But no matter how badly his seduction makes her want to melt into his arms, there’s a ghost hanging over their heads. A ghost who turns out to be not so legally dead after all…

Product Warnings
Contains a rock star who’s livin’ the dream and livin’ it large, a self-made businesswoman with a weakness for a cheeky smile, and a red-hot battle of tormented wills. May stimulate a desire to throw your panties onto the nearest stage.

A Snippet

He kissed her silent. Stole the rest of her ridiculous statement with a soft brush of his lips over hers.

No tongue, not even enough pressure to really feel. Just a feathering of his skin against her skin, just a lingering melding of their breaths.

He held her, aligned their hips, pressed the steel pole of his erection to the soft curve of her sex and silenced her protest with a kiss softer than the caress of a butterfly wing.

For a perfect moment, Caitlin forgot the weird reality of her life and lost herself in that kiss.

For a perfect heartbeat-long moment.

And then it was over.

He drew his head away from hers, seeking out her eyes with his gaze. “Or maybe,” he whispered, his voice a little shaky, “you just wanted me to do that?”

Pressing her palms to his chest, Caitlin pushed him away.

Heat filled her cheeks. “Boy, have you got an ego. I didn’t want you to do that.”


Josh seemed to agree with the traitorous little whisper inside her head. He let out a low laugh, an entirely devious sound her body reacted to with entirely too much need. “Ego or not, I think you did. And I think you liked it as much as I did.”
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