It’s kind of frightening to think about the number of places my characters have had sex. I mean, really, there’s a lot of sex in my books and I can’t even remember them all! But as the idea is to make a list I’ve put my thinking cap on (read – searched through my books) and come up with an incomplete list. 🙂 Feel free to add any extras you remember from my books in the comments.

So, the list –

In a hotel room. On the floor. On a chair. In the bed. (Yeah, those pair really got it on.)


In the bath.

On a bed. (Pretty sure it DIDN’T look like this one)


On a table in the backyard.

In the backseat.



On a bathroom counter.

In the shower. (I’ve discovered a LOT of my characters get it on in the shower!)


On a kitchen counter.

A desk. (There’s a few desks in my books……)


On a sofa.

In a warehouse.

Against a wall.


Not sure it was that wall……


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