That’s the title of the panel on which Jess and I are going to sit at the Australian Romance Readers Convention. And who better than the two of us to talk smut–I mean erotic romance :).arrc2015_banner_dark_200x200

Fantasy vs reality—how realistic do you want your erotic romance?

Historical romance writers know a common criticism of their work is that they write historical lite, i.e. books that don’t always conform to the historical letter of the law. Can the same be said about erotic romance? Do erotic romance writers, particularly writing in the bdsm, or LGBTQ genres, write lifestyle lite? Does that matter? Do readers care? Do readers prefer not to read about some of the more realistic aspects of particular lifestyles?

What about the dreaded ‘real life’? How much fantasy do you want in your erotic romance? Are kids, paying the mortgage or the other mundane aspects of relationships between romantic partners out of bounds?

Join us as we pick the brains of some of Australia’s best known erotic romance writers as they let us know just how erotic the supermarket can be.

Sounds interesting huh? How much reality do you like in your erotic romance? Can’t wait to discuss this! Other speakers on the panel are Tracey O’Hara and Shona Husk, so it promises to be a great chat.

Want to find out more about the convention? Check out the registration information at ARRAs website

Hope to see you there,