The Cover War Continues…

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First, Jess declared HER covers were the most gorgeous out there. Then Sami joined in the delusion by declaring HER covers the best. Now, it’s my turn to bring this cover war to an end. By sharing with you MY latest covers.


ComplianceCoverThis one is for Compliance, a story for the Heart of Fame world, which is available now for only .99c (and was originally part of the Down and Dirty box set) You can buy Compliance at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks.

Then, there’s THIS one. Is that a sexy firefighter’s chest or what? My story in the Five Alarm Alpha box set is called Combustible and, like Compliance, is set in the Heart of Fame world (those of you who have read Muscle for Hire may recognise the hero of Combustible. Hee hee hee)


And finally, there this one…the cover for Breathless for You, the first book in the new Outback Skies series, which is an off-shoot of the Heart of Fame series and is available from Jan 20 next year. Whoa, that’s one very delicious man right there, yes?


Sooooo, what do we all think? Hot covers, or what? Tell me which one your favourite is and why and I’ll draw a winner from the hat and that person can pick any ebook from my backlist they want 🙂




Meet The Men of The Outback Skies – A Week of WIP Men


This week, the Divas are sharing with you the heroes of their works in progress (aka WIP). Introducing them to you all, as it were.

Whetting your appetites…

Teasing you…

Taunting you…

Let’s beging with the men of the Outback Skies series, shall we?

January next year sees the beginning of my new series, Outback Skies. As you can probably guess, the series is set in the Outback, in the town of Wallaby Ridge. In that town, there’s a pub called Outback Skies, and it is in that pub that four friends catch-up every Friday afternoon…four men whose job all entail flying high in the skies that stretch across the Australian Outback.

Would you like me to introduce you to them?

Matt Corvin (Breathless for You, Book One)


Matt is a GP. Or more to the point, a Royal Flying Doctor Service doctor. He is also the world’s sweetest man. Which means when he lets loose his dominating sexual side, Tash, his prickly pilot, is more than a little surprised…

Evan Alexander (Burn for You, Book Two)


Aviation firefighter, Evan is one of the most tortured heroes I’ve ever written. A broken man needing to be healed. But he’s determined not to let anyone into his heart, and that includes the woman he used to fantasize about almost half a decade ago. Of course, she’s not going to walk away from Evan. Who could?


Ryan Taylor (Bare for You, Book Three)

actors hugh jackman 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_22

Ryan is almost your typical Outback cowboy. I say almost typical, because he rounds up cattle via helicopter, not on the back on a horse. He’s also Wallaby Ridge’s only opening gay citizen. Which makes getting a date in a town of 700 not that easy. And then Federal Member for the Arts and Culture, Jeremy Craig arrives in town to open an indigenous art gallery…a man who, on the outside is very very hetrosexual. A man predicted to become the next Australian Deptuy Prime Minister…


Charlie Baynard (Better with You, Book Four)


There’s not much I can tell you about Wallby Ridge’s Senior Constable, Charlie. Take my word on it when I say three words sum Charlie up: enigmatic, menacing, and sarcastic. Oh, four words…but that fourth word involves a woman on Interpol’s Most Wanted list. A woman coming to get Charlie… 

So there you have the four heroes of Outback Skies. Based purely on their intro, which one would you most like to share a beer with in the pub? 🙂 



Sexy Or Not?


It’s been a while since I drew attention to those out there in the movie/television world who weren’t meant to be sexy but, for some reason, are. Let’s remedy that, shall we…

1/ Agent Phil Coulson (The Avengers)


I’m not sure what it is about Coulson, but whatever it is, it’s making me continue to watch Agents of Shield long after I would have if he wasn’t in it. I think it’s his calm demeanour in the face of any threat/danger/frenzied. Or his poised confidence. Or his nose. I don’t know what it is, but yes, I do find him sexy. Big time.

2/ Abed (Community)


Okay, this one I know is weird. For those that watch Community, maybe you can tell me why I find this OCD (among other things) community college student so…appealing. I think it has something to do with his geek knowledge. But it could be his nose… Hmmm….

3/ Tyrion (Game of Thrones)


This one I can explain. It’s aaaaaalllllll in the attitude. The snark. The sarcasm. The intelligence. The wit. The self-contempt and self-confidence. It’s all of that wrapped around a man who just wants someone, anyone, to value him. And his bedroom eyes.

4/ Fusco (Person of Interest)


It’s hard not to look beyond Reese for make-you-melt sexiness in the show Person of Interest, but Fusco…short, round, reclining-hairline Fusco makes me happy. Why? Because his character arc has been incredible. He started as a corrupt cop and is now all bags of awesome. And not just because he stands up to Reese when he needs to.

5/ Munroe (Grimm)


Munroe may not actually belong on this list. I don’t know if the creators of the vegetarian Blutbad (i.e. werewolf) intending him to be sexy or not. If they did, they hit the mark, because that sensitive almost-buddhist attitude toward violence of his wrapped around a simmering temper and menace of the most feared Wesen in the Grimm world is downright sexy. Or maybe it’s just his nose…

So, your turn. Is there any one out there in television or the movies who pushes your buttons that probably shouldn’t? Who wants to be brave and confess?

The Cari Quinn, Carrie Ann Ryan and Lexxie Couper Release Day Ruckus

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January 14 is an incredible day. Not only is it Lexxie Couper’s brother’s birthday, it is the release day of three scorching hot erotic romances from three scorching hot erotic romance authors (yes, we do think we are scorching hot *grin*). To celebrate the release of Protecting His Assets, Hidden Destiny and Lead Me On, Cari, Carrie Ann and Lexxie are hosting a Facebook event AAAAAND giving away a BRAND NEW Kindle!

How do you win such a briliant prize. Click on the Rafflecopter below for instructions. Oh and see these sexy images here on this post? They are really really really important 🙂

RP Hidden Destiny Blurb [Lexi]

RP Hidden Destiny Quotes [Crush]

RP Hidden Destiny Blurb [North]

Protecting His Assets (One).001

Protecting His Assets (Two).001

Protecting His Assets (Three).001

Countdown LMO 5.001

Lead Me On Thingy.001

Countdown To LMO 2.001

So come play with us on Facebook (here’s the link to the event) and click on the Rafflecopter below to find out how to win the Kindle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Coming Soon: A Sexy British Knight, A Fiesty Aussie Vet…and a Road Trip…

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Tagging along to a party outside her normal circles, veterinarian Casey-Louise Marley never expected to find herself being seduced by a British knight. Sir Addison Lancaster is way out of her league, but damn, he’s sexy. And flirting with her. Things get even hotter when Addison pulls her into his arms. And positively scorching when he kisses her.

Casey knows she’s got to get away from Addison’s rakish charm before she loses her heart. The trouble is, she lives two hours north and her ride is nowhere to be found.

So when Addison offers to drive her home, with the possibility of seducing another kiss from her, Casey can’t say no. And reaching their destination is only the beginning…


Stay tuned for more details…

(Yes, this is me being a tease. Hee hee hee)

Who Is Sexier? The Aussie Edition – Again…


Last time I asked you to choose between Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Kwanten. You chose Chris. Today, I’m ageing the options somewhat. Your choices today are…

Hugh Jackman



Eric Bana



Same deal applies as last time: leave your vote in the comments below. In 48 hours time I’ll draw a winner’s name and that lucky person gets to pick a Down Under Diva ebook with an Aussie hero as their prize 🙂


Ready? Set…


The Entire First Chapter of Guarded Desires


Book Three of the Heart of Fame series, Guarded Desires, releases next week (16th). I can’t believe it’s almost here. I also can’t tell you how excited and nervous I am for this book to be free in the world. If you don’t know already, this is the very first male/male erotic romance I have written. I’m incredibly proud of it. (And holy smokes, look at that cover!!!)

So without any further carry-on, here’s the entire first chapter for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. (Oh, and there’s a contest at the bottom *grin*)


Chris Huntley’s reaction to the tall man in the dark sunglasses scared the shit out of him.

Standing on the balcony of the harbour-side mansion the studio had rented for this trip, Chris watched the imposing Australian stride along the mansion’s private jetty away from the yacht that had delivered him. Faded blue-denim jeans barely contained thighs that were long and muscular. A broad, sculpted chest and powerful shoulders strained against a snug white T-shirt, as did biceps that spoke of impressive strength.

Aslin had said the guy was built, but damn, he hadn’t mentioned like a goddamn wrestler.

Liev Reynolds moved with the confidence and potency of a man threatened by nothing. Chris knew the attitude well. Aslin Rhodes, his brother-in-law, moved the same way. A menacing calm that said loud and clear you would get hurt and hurt badly if you tried to mess with him. Chris had always assumed it came from being an ex-soldier, but as he watched the Australian approach the mansion, he knew it had nothing to do with military training. For starters, Liev Reynolds had no military background at all.

Chris gripped the stainless-steel balcony railing harder.

His entire life, he’d cast himself in the role of sexy, funny ladies’ man. His reputation—hell, his career—was built around that role. The guy that made women laugh with his sharp wit even as he made them want to strip off their clothes and beg him to have sex with them. Just about every time he left the comfort of his home in Beverly Hills and went out in public without Aslin and his sister, more than one woman would do that very thing.

He’d made millions of dollars thanks to his sex appeal. The studio that produced his sitcom milked his sex appeal for every advertising penny. The studio of his first action film had capitalized on it in their pre and post-release marketing. The critics of the film had noted it. The pre-production media buzz of his next film, a comedy horror, was already talking about.

He was, for want of a better word, a mega sex symbol. Up there with the best of them, with the sexiest men alive. Linked to almost every delectable woman the gossip mags and celebrity sites could name. If there was a single, sensual, eligible actress out there, Chris had apparently slept with her.

He didn’t fight the reputation. In fact, he welcomed it. True, he didn’t have a girlfriend. Nor even a steady fuck-buddy, but when it came to the media important facts didn’t matter.

Chris could live with that. He’d learned to live with it. It was part of his life now. He was a sex symbol, women wanted to sleep with him and he slept with women. That was the way it was.

Which explained why he was petrified watching the Australian bodyguard his brother-in-law had arranged to protect him while back in Oz draw closer. Because he’d never ever had his dick harden at the sight of a man. Harden, for fuck’s sake.

His gut churned. A vise-like invisible band wrapped his chest. His breath grew shallow. Rapid.

With every step Reynolds took closer to the mansion, an unmistakable tension stirred in Chris’s cock.

The kind Chris only experienced in the presence of a beautiful woman.

What the fuck?

Since when was he attracted to men?

Since never, that’s when.

He stared hard at the Australian, his heart beat a rapid trip-hammer. It had to be something else. Something not Liev Reynolds.

Chris searched his brain, trying to remember what he’d been thinking about before the privately chartered motor yacht had delivered Reynolds to the mansion.

Bethany. Asleep on your shoulder. Her hair tickling your face.

Chris snapped straight, clicking his fingers. “That was it,” he muttered. He’d been thinking about the flight over and how his new personal assistant had fallen asleep on his shoulder. The first non-professional thing the young woman had done since his sister and Aslin employed her six months ago.

He’d been thinking how nice her hair had smelt, like coconut and some exotic flower. He’d been thinking about the warmth of her cheek seeping through the cotton of his shirt. He’d been thinking how disapproving his sister would be. How Rowan had been adamant his new P.A. stay as emotionally detached from him as possible.

He’d been thinking about how much fun he was going to have telling Rowie about the flight.

That had to be it. He was thinking about an attractive young woman now in his employ and his cock had taken the messages from his jet-lagged, sleep-deprived brain and mixed them up into something else. And those messages just happen to reach his cock when his gaze fell on Liev Reynolds climbing from the motor yacht.


He chuckled out a shaky breath. Simple. Sort of. He didn’t think he was sexually attracted to his new P.A. Fuck, that would complicate things a tad, but he was sure as shit that was less complicated than being sexually attracted to the Australian bodyguard currently striding along the jetty. Being sexually attracted to a man would complicate the shit out of things. And confuse the shit out of Chris as well.

But he wasn’t. So there was nothing to worry about.

He gripped the balcony’s railing and dropped his stare to the man in question.

And bit back a groan as a thick spasm claimed his cock.

Chris’s mouth went dry. Jesus, what the hell was going on?

Think of Bethany. Think of Bethany.

Closing his eyes, he turned his thoughts to his P.A.

His cock didn’t spasm.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the Australian drawing even closer to the mansion.

His groin throbbed. His balls grew heavy.

Chris stepped back from the railing. He ground his teeth. Bunched his fists. Fuck.

Looking down at his crotch, he choked back another groan.

In a few minutes time, he was meant to be discussing with Liev Reynolds the expectations of being his bodyguard during the Dead Even press junket in Australia. How the hell was he to do that with the goddamn obvious makings of a goddamn erection?

Exhaling a slow breath through his nostrils, he slumped against the railing and watched Reynolds disappear from his line of sight beneath the balcony’s overhang.

Fuck. Maybe he should reschedule the meeting? Maybe he should have a shower and fix the unsettling erection with his hand? Maybe he should ask Bethany to join him, just to be sure that’s what the stupid erection was all about in the first place?

Maybe he should—

The soft chime of the mansion’s doorbell ended the unnerving question. He jerked around, his heart slamming fast into his throat.

A petite young woman with wild strawberry-blonde ringlets tumbling about her freckle-dusted face looked up from where she sat on a leather sofa situated in the middle of the living area. “I think Mr. Reynolds is here, Mr. Huntley. Shall I let him in?”

Chris drew in a slow breath, forcing his heart rate to slow as he counted to ten. It was a meditation technique Aslin had encouraged him to use during the filming of Dead Even, the action blockbuster on which he’d met his brother-in-law, the very film he was back in Australia to promote with a press junket and red-carpet screening. He hadn’t needed to meditate since filming ended. His sitcom was on hiatus while he was in Australia and life was pretty damn stress free at the moment.

“Mr. Huntley?”

Chris flinched at Bethany’s voice. She was only six months in to the job and already better at it than his last personal assistant. She was proficient, friendly but detached and utterly professional. And so far it didn’t seem like she was planning to kill everyone important to him like the last nut job that had been his P.A.

He smiled at the young woman, letting the tension melt from his shoulders. “Sorry, Bethany. I was wool gathering. Let him in please.”

Bethany Sloan smiled back and nodded, rising to her feet as she did so. “As you wish, sir.”

She placed the iPad on which she’d been busy arranging his schedule for the next seven days onto the coffee table in front of the sofa. Straightening the simple linen pantsuit she wore with an efficient brush of her palms, she walked from the room.

Chris watched her go. Efficient, affable and professional. Not ditzy or quirky or a closet psycho. Selected by his sister and Aslin for those specific attributes, along with the fact her security background check was spotless.

When it came to looking out for Chris’s wellbeing, his sister was thorough.

Letting out a sigh, he turned back to the stunning view of the harbour and gripped the stainless steel rail.

It made sense the arriving Australian bodyguard wasn’t responsible for his unexpected arousal. He was jet-lagged. He’d only arrived in the country three hours ago, and the flight attendant in the first-class section on the flight over had flirted with him the whole fourteen hours, even while Bethany slept on his shoulder, enamored enough with Chris to suggest—in a not-so subtle way—a threesome. Perhaps his arousal was a delayed reaction to that? He’d never had sex with two women at once. Maybe after Reynolds left he’d ask Bethany to locate the flight attendant, invite her to the mansion and suggest she bring a friend.

A wry snort sounded in the back of his throat at the thought of asking Bethany to do such a thing. His off-handed suggestion they both have a glass of wine when first arriving at their new home for the next seven days had been met with a frown and disapproval.

Come to think of it, the more he thought about Bethany the more he realised his hard-on—now currently deflating, thank fucking God—had to be a sleep-deprived reaction to her untamed hair, her freckles, her super efficiency and her complete and utter lack of adoration toward him.

Yeah, that had to be it. He was used to women of all ages throwing themselves at him, flirting with him. It stood to reason he’d be turned on by one that didn’t, right? He’d also found a challenge appealing, hence his move from award-winning sitcom star to action-film movie star. His agent hadn’t approved of the move, nor had his manager. The only one that had thought that particular challenge a good idea was his sister, and Rowan was currently on the other side of the world about to give birth, Aslin no doubt hovering over her like the proud, protective British mountain of muscle soon-to-be father he was.

If only Rowan and Aslin knew what they’d done by employing Bethany. Chris’s stupefying physical reaction to the sight of Liev Reynolds striding along the jetty had nothing to do with the man and everything to do with the young woman’s complete lack of interest in—

“Mr. Huntley?” Bethany’s clipped voice with its New York accent sounded behind him, and he started. “Mr. Reynolds is ready for you.”

For some stupid reason, Chris’s heart smashed up into his throat again.

With one final look at the sweeping harbour view before him, he sucked in a deep breath and turned to face his P.A. and the Australian bodyguard recommended to him by his brother-in-law.

He had to bite back a soft groan when his gaze fell on the man.

There were a lot of similarities in Liev Reynolds’s physique to Aslin Rhodes. Both were tall, menacing and powerfully built. However, that was where the similarities ended. For starters, Chris didn’t get a wholly disturbing stirring in his groin when he’d first met the Brit who eventually married his sister.

Reynolds was taller than he’d appeared from a distance. Taller. Broader. Stronger. Laugh lines fanned out from the corners of his eyes, eyes a brilliant blue and framed by thick dark-blond lashes. His square jaw was clean shaven, his neck a muscular column, his shoulders wide. Under the snug white T-shirt, his chest was well sculpted and muscular. As were his deltoids, biceps and triceps. A six-pack set of abs was hinted at in the shadows of the white cotton. His hips were low and narrow, and faded blue jeans did, in fact, hug thighs that were muscular and corded, just as Chris had suspected from his first view of the man. Liev Reynolds was, to put it bluntly, the epitome of male potency.

Chris’s stomach lurched.

Jesus, what was going on with him?

The Australian bodyguard took a step forward and extended his hand. “G’day, Mr. Huntley. Liev Reynolds.”

Chris looked at the offered greeting, one socially accepted between men throughout the western world. His mouth grew dry.

The Australian chuckled. “I’m not into fist bumps. Sorry.”

Chris blinked, the realization he hadn’t shaken Reynolds’s hand hitting him with sinking horror. “Sorry,” he blurted, snatching the man’s hand just as Reynolds was retracting it. Hot licks of tension shot through him at the hasty contact, spearing into his groin. His cock throbbed. “Sorry,” he repeated, ignoring the unnerving sensation as he shook Reynolds’s hand with an up-and-down motion he knew was borderline frantic. “I’m jet-lagged.”

Beside the Australian, Bethany raised one straight red eyebrow.

Reynolds laughed, returning Chris’s shake with a firm, steady grip. “No worries, mate. I can only imagine what it’s like flying halfway ’round the world. Rhodes told me to go easy on you.”

Chris’s gut clenched. He gazed up at the taller man, wishing to fuck Aslin was here right now so Chris could beat the shit out of him.

Goddamn it, thanks to the Brit, he was about to spend the next seven days in the constant company of a sexy woman who wasn’t interested in him and a…a…fuck, there was no other way to describe Liev Reynolds but sexy as well.


Jesus, what the hell was going on?


So what did you think? Now, CONTEST TIME!! Leave a comment below about the chapter and in 24 hours I’ll draw one lucky person’s name. That person will win an e-copy of Book One and Two of the Heart of Fame series, Love’s Rhythm and Muscle for Hire.

You can pre-order Guarded Desires at Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK and Samhain Publishing (just click on the sellers’ names to go directly there)

The Playlist of the Heart of Fame Series


I’ve been working on the Heart of Fame series now since 2011. Love’s Rhythm was the first book in the series. When I first met Nick Blackthorne in Tropical Sin I had no idea what lay ahead of me, the journey he would take me on. But here I am, hard at work on the sixth book in the series (Books One and Two have already been released, Book Three – Guarded Desires – releases on the 16th of this month) and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon (this morning I woke with a plot bunny for the ninth book in the series, about a famous, playboy professional soccer star and the woman who finally sends him to the sin bin *grin*).

This whole series looks at fame and the impact it has on romance, desire and ultimately, Happy-Ever-Afters. It also spends quite a lot of time in the world of rock and roll (thanks, Nick *grin*). And like every book I write, music greatly influences my muse.

Today, I thought I’d share a few songs from the ongoing (and ever growing) Heart of Fame playlist. Click on the songs to hear just what I’m listening to as I write…and what I’ve been listening to since late 2011 when Nick first demanded I write his own book.


Tribute ~ Tenacious D

Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through ~ Meatloaf

Lifestyle of the Rich and the Famous ~ Good Charlotte

Some Nights ~ Fun.

Hall of Fame ~ The Script

Rolling in the Deep ~ Adele

So, what’s your favourite on that list? Any songs you think I need to add to my list for future books?



Welcome to the Diva Couch…Dawn (Daydreaming Book Reviews)


It’s hard to explain how much we Divas adore Dawn. Not only is she a close friend to all of us, she has become a trusted Beta reader, a gold mine of promo opportunities and an indispensable part of all of our lives.

Quite simply put, we love her.

Welcome Dawn!


Who is Dawn/Drmgl99 – Day Dreaming Book Reviews?

Hmmmm… that’s a good question. Dawn is a quiet housewife, aunt, and caretaker for her grandmother.

(Jess butting in here. Um, did anyone else happen to notice she described herself as quiet? *Snort*)

I have been with my husband since I was 15 and we have been married for over 20 years now. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.
About 5 years ago I was laid off from a job of over 10 years and that’s when I found my love for reading. It had been over… Never mind, we won’t say how many years! Let’s just say it had been since High School since I read last until my niece asked me to read Twilight for her.

How did you become involved in the wonderful world of romance books?

My mother had always been a reader, more along the lines of True Crime and suspense types…not so much romance. Some of my first reads I picked up on my own, my poor mom got phone calls from concerned teachers, lol. It seems I didn’t read books they thought I should, Go Ask Alice and Helter Skelter, which were just a couple of them. It seemed I was drawn to the dark and I was intrigued by it.

I took a very long lapse in reading after I left school and didn’t pick up a book until Twilight. Once I read that, I was sucked into everything I could grab and believe it or not it was all YA! My dad then bought me my first Kindle for Christmas and I picked up my first “free erotic romance” read—because the cover was so pretty—RG Alexander’s Regina in the Sun.  I never knew there were books like that! Once I finished that book I was HOOKED, in the first week of owning my Kindle I spent over $100 buying up every book I could find by RG Alexander and everyone that was on her “customers also bought” list.

Tell us all about your blog.

Funny you should ask this question… My blog Day Dreaming Book Reviews all started because of a very pushy, loving, wonderful woman know as Jess Dee. I was lucky to meet Miss Jess Dee at my first RT in Los Angeles in 2011. I went to RT with some readers I met on the Smutketeers yahoo group – Kitty Kelly, Gigi, and Ive. I was a new reader and didn’t know many people by name or face, but these girls helped make it easy and I met tons of fantastic authors.

The first night there I met Lexxie Couper and Rhian Cahill… where you ask?… In the bar of course (having a cuppa). After meeting them, it was on from there—meeting people and having fun! Jess Dee grabbed me one day and told me “I’m sending you a book and you will review it on your blog, you need to do one.” LOL.  So, of course, I said yes ma’am and that was it! I went home and started my blog and that’s when Drmglr99/ Day Dreaming Book Reviews began.

I do interviews, reviews, contests, special excerpts, and just plain ol’ fun stuff on the blog. I love having an outlet to show the love I have developed for the romance community. It is an amazing group of authors, readers, and bloggers that I am so happy to call my friends.

(Jess intervening- again: 🙂 )

Do you work alone or are others blogging/reviewing with/for you?

When I first started my blog it was just me and it was really just for fun and keeping track of my books, but then it grew and I started to get review requests, so I added my bestie Lola. This past year I have gotten a job with All Romance eBooks and it takes a bit more of my time so I have added a few more reviewers Phuong, Casey Lu, Kennedria, and Jennifer. We are currently looking for two more reviewers, so if you’re interested in reading and like to talk about it, shoot me a Tweet or FB message  🙂

Do you have preferred genres – you know books you gravitate to?

No, that was an easy question—LOL.  I read nearly everything, but my reading choices do tend to change with my mood and actually the season as well. I tend to read more Paranormal, UF and Sci-fi in the winter and Cowboy, Contemporary, NA in the summer months.  But I’m pretty constant with the BDSM/Kink all year round!  🙂

There are “those” authors for me that I will read all-day any-day no matter what time of the year.

Okay, now let’s have some fun…

So, you took a cruise on a luxury boat. Unfortunately, the darn boat sprung a leak and is sinking. There are over a hundred passengers on board – and only one lifeboat. Why should the captain choose you to be one of the lucky ten who gets a seat on that lifeboat.

Oh please Captian Sir, take me with you. I will be your right-hand girl and help keep everyone in line. I have many skills that you may be in need of and I am willing to help in any way possible.

You don’t know anyone else on the boat. Well, not personally anyway. But there sure are a lot of familiar faces. Just before the captain lowers the lifeboat, he tells you that you can choose one other passenger to climb in with you. It could be ANYONE. Who do you choose, and why?

I can take anyone I want with me? *looks around* hmmmm… Can I take that really tall, thick, dark, strong, guy over there. He looks like he could carry me, climb coconut trees, build a fire, and scavenge a meal up for me when we are stranded on an island together. Yes, he will do nicely.

Your heart is now pounding a mile a minute. You know why? Because on board that lifeboat with you are two people you’ve always wanted to have a ménage with. (Told you there were lots of familiar faces on the big ship.) Who are they?

Mmmm… Oh boy, there are so many pretty and handsome faces but OMFG is that? No it can’t be… it is!! Oh HELL YES! *squeezes down the lifeboat. Excuse me, pardon me, exc… okay squeeze me that’s fine too* wiggles in between Michele Rodriguez and Jason Mamoa.  *looks between them*  Hi 🙂

You had to get out of your cabin in a hurry to get on the lifeboat. What are you wearing, and what did you manage to shove into your pockets?

Well damn, I didn’t know I was gonna have to run out and jump in a lifeboat to save my life. I would have put some clothes on! My mind was too busy, focused on locking myself in my room and fantasizing about all the gorgeous people on board. When I first heard the alarms I thought it was my ears ringing from the amazing… well that another story… Anyway, I grabbed what was closest to me, my robe and my vib… oh hell *searches around looking for a place to put it, oh hell, tosses it over board*  nothing else, my robe doesn’t have any pockets.

10) What is the last thing you say to the captain?

*Sidles up to the Captain*  Does the Captain always go down? *wink*

(Jess, having her say again: Best. Answer. Ever.)


You can find Dawn ALL OVER the web. But to be a little more specific, here are some direct links…

Blog – Day Dreaming Book Reviews – http://daydrmzzz.blogspot.com/
Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/daydrmz.blogg
Twitter – https://twitter.com/drmgrl99dawn
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4597477-drmgrl99

I would love for you to follow me at all my connections and chat romance!



(We told you Dawn was amazing!)

Giveaway: One commenter will win a ten dollar gift card.

Question:  Tell me what your favorite book of the year has been.

It’s Blogger Week At The Divas

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Last week we had a fantastic time with our wonderful readers. (Thank you Connie, Val, Lisa, Bobbie and Phuong.)

This week is dedicated to the fantastic romance bloggers out there. We spend so much time over on their sites, reading their reviews and interviews, the Divas felt it only fair to put them in the spotlight for a change. Just our way of saying thank you for all the incredible, hard work they do – with so much love.

We love you too.

Welcome to the Divas – Dawn (Daydrmzz), Kat (The Book Tart), Didi (Guilty Pleasures), Taryn (My Secret Romance) and Kelly (Kitty Kelly).\We look forward to posting your interviews.

Jess, Sami, RC and Lex

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