DUDcon13 in pictures


On Friday, after carefully clearing the house of any family (I packed them off on a camping trip), the Down Under Divas gathered at my place for three days of just being together. Yep it was our very first official Down Under Diva Conference, otherwise known as…DUDcon13.

Sami Lee made sure to draw up an agenda so we actually got some great work done, but in general we had a blast chatting about anyone and everything industry related. (And yep, if you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume we chatted about you! In the best possible way, of course. 🙂 )

I could bore you with details, but instead I’ll just post some of the pics we took that summarize our time together. (You might already have seen them on Facebook.)

DUDcon13 begins

DUDcon13 begins

Soon as Lex arrived, we started posting pics to FB. (Yep, you may already have seen all of these there.)

Soon as Lex arrived, we started posting pics to FB.

Friday night was loads of fun - especially with the help of this industrial sized bottle of ready-made margarita mix. :)

Friday night was loads of fun – especially with the help of this industrial sized bottle of ready-made margarita mix.

Saturday morning saw us exercising. A long walk along the beachfront and cliffs. (Sami warming up)

Saturday morning saw us exercising. A long walk along the beachfront and cliffs. (Sami warming up)

And...the beachfront we walked along. (Remember it was early morning.)

And…the beachfront we walked along. (Remember it was early morning.)

Our American guest - Mari Carr gate crashed the conference. (And yeah, she brought beer.)

Our American guest – Mari Carr gatecrashed the conference. (And yeah, she brought beer.)

Saturday lunch at the Deli. (Yeah, we did A LOT of eating and drinking.)

Saturday lunch at the Deli. (Yeah, we did A LOT of eating and drinking.)

Back home again after lunch, Sami is cracking her whip, and we're getting some work done.)

Back home again after lunch, Sami is cracking her whip, and we’re getting some work done.)

Saturday dinner was the best! Frozen yoghurt. (And RC managed to put away a shitload of the stuff. Seriously, for a thin girl, she eats like a horse!)

Then came the moment I had to skip out for a little while on Sunday morning. But I was comfortable leaving my house in the care of my three good writing buddies. Really comfortable. Because who wouldn’t trust these girls:


(Sorry, would have liked to upload the video here, but WordPress wouldn’t let me.)

Suffice to say we had a blast and are already planning our next conference – DUDcon14.



Playing with new toys

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Not sure if I mentioned here that Mr.C bought me an iPad and I’ve spent weeks learning how to use it. Well I just discovered a new app. It lets me blog from the iPad! How cool is that! Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know you guys get my virgin post. 🙂 Let’s see if this works.

We’ve got other new toys in the Cahill household. If you follow me on twitter or Facebook you may have seen some pix of the much anticipated pizza oven being built in our backyard. Well today was the big cementing day. We’ve already done quite a bit but today it was the dome’s turn.





So what do you think? Of course it’s not done yet but we’re getting there and Mr.C informs me that we’ll be ready to fire it up in two weeks! I can already taste the yummy homemade pizza, not to mention the roast I’m planning to try cooking in there.

Rhian Cahill

Damn! I forgot. Again!


Dammit! I keep forgetting to blog. *sigh* In my defense we’re add a new addition to the extended family and everyone is too busy gushing over my new nephew to remember to do all the things they’re supposed to. Especially me! I love babies. They’re so small and perfect and smell so…..fresh. 🙂 Ben is the first bub in 10 years for our extra large extended family and let me say it’s been on hell of a dry spell but we’re certainly making up for it.

As Sami said earlier in the week we’re doing some things around the blog to entertain you guys more. (and yeah, I know how my forgetting to blog looks like I’m helping out. Not!) We’ll be having some fellow authors from Oz and OS dropping by and hopefully you’ll pick up a couple new books to add to that ever growing TBB list or TBR pile. Not that we’re book pimps at all……

Speaking of pimping, Spin The Bottle is now up for pre-order on Amazon. Yay! I love seeing my books go up for pre-order. It means we’re that much closer to release day. Check out Spin The Bottle on Amazon HERE! Oh, and while you’re there I’d appreciate it if you like the page and agree with the tags. 🙂 And just because I love the cover…..

Rhian Cahill


Bad, bad blogger


That’s me. I forgot. Again! I here I thought I was having a productive week. *sigh*

Anyway, to make up for my bad blogging here’s a pic. Or two. Or three. 🙂

Okay, so that was a couple more than three but I’m sure you’ll forgive me. 😆

Rhian Cahill


New gadgets!

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It’s been a few weeks of new toys for me. Plus a new office and the chaos of removing walls in a house where SEVEN people live and expect to continue doing so while builders turn the place into a war zone. *sigh* I’m exhausted. We’re almost at the end of it all. The renovation work is done and now we’re slowly moving things into their new places and I have to admit it’s been worth the mayhem. But back to the gadgets. 🙂

I got an iPad!!! Mr.C bought it for me. I’m sure there’s a reason behind it, he probably about to buy himself something really cool but that’s okay because I’m loving playing with it. Plus it’s really cool to see my app on there. Yep, you heard me. Rhian Cahill has an app!! It’s available for both iphone/ipad and android devices. I’m running a contest over at my website to celebrate so hear on over HERE! and enter!

Oh, and if you want to pick up the app:-

Android app (click the graphic below)

iPhone/iPad app (click the graphic below)

Rhian Cahill




Okay, I know, I know, I’m a day late.

I promised to have a winner by Sunday, and now it’s already Monday. Still, I figure, better late than never.

First off, thanks to everyone who responded. And thank you for all the cool comments. (I just may have read them more than once.)


So, what I’ve done is taken all the names of commenters from my personal blog, International Heat and Down Under Divas and thrown them into a hat. Then I closed my eyes and picked one name.

And…the winner of the print copy of Three Of A Kind is:



Moran, if you can please email me at


I can get that book in the post ASAP!


Catching Up


I finished a book last week–or should I say I refinished it since I was doing rewrites. What I like to do to celebrate each little (or big) submisison I make is to catch up on all the reading and movie watching I put off while all my spare time is funnelled into creating a story. I take a day or two (sometimes it stretches to three or four :)) to veg out, not write at all, and I spend that time reading and watching the movies I haven’t yet gotten around to seeing.

So this last week I read Flirting with Forty by Jane Porter, which I loved, plus a host of ebooks from writers like Erin Nicholas and Maya Banks and Lexxie Couper (oops, how did she get in there?), and Shelli Stevens and Cat Johnson. Believe me when I say that’s a lot of reading for me. I hired out a bunch of movies; Up in the Air (liked), Easy A (loved), and Sherlock Holmes (fell asleep in). And I’ve rewatched several of my old fav episodes of the Gilmore Girls. Yes, that in particular is a dorky habit, but a pleasantly mind-numbing, smile inducing one.

I love to do these things because they help recharge my brain when it feels completely fried from the creative stress of seeing a big project like writing a novel through to the end. I have started another story, but for the first week I took it easy on myself and just got to know the characters. Next week I start in earnest with the early rising and daily goals and all that crap, which I welcome and dread at once.

So what do you do when you feel you need to restart your brain?


Awww, so sweet


Yeah, yeah.

I know my posts are getting lazy.

Pics instead of words.

But sometimes those pics are worth a million words.

Go on. Have a look. And then tell me you don’t, at least once, end up saying…

Awwww, so sweet.

This one is my personal fave, and reminds me all over again why I love boxers:

Missed the odd one out in this pic initially:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about this next pic, well, wolves can be reeeeaaal sweet too (she says, licking her lips):

Oh, and the next one? Well, as I was Googling images for yummy ol’ Alcide, this one popped up, and hell, how could I not share it?

(And yeah, it is a little larger than the other images in this blog. Complaining? Anyone?)

So… sweet?

Mmm hmm. Go on. Admit it.

Real sweet.