I know a lot of non-Aussies come visit we Divas and, seeing as Jess, RC, Sami and I set most of our books in the mighty Land of Oz, I thought I’d further your education in all thing Australian. So, without further mucking about, let’s climb into a fried-out combi and begin. (Oh, and incase you feel like skipping out of class, there’s a REALLY BIG CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT at the end. *grin*)

How to say hello Down Under.

Easy. You’ve basically got three options.

G’day (good day)

Howya goen’? (hello. How has your day progressed so far?)

and ‘Ow the fuck are ya? (How are you?)

Try them all on for size tomorrow with your best mate (ie, BFF) and see what he/she does (although if there is any unresolved sexual tension between you, I would suggest avoiding the third option in case it’s misconstruded as an attempt to them you into the sack (ie, into bed).

How to do an Aussie accent.

I’ve been assured the Aussie accent is quite sexy (especially when heard passing the lips of the likes of Hugh Jackman), but here’s a simple tip. We like to cram every vowel sound into our ‘As’ and go up a note or two at the end of every sentence. Doesn’t matter if it’s a statement of undeniable fact, we’re going to utter it as if it’s a question. (My very good, American friend, Mari Carr pointed this out to me when I was at RT last April. Since then, I can’t help but notice it.)

How to tell someone you think they are the most wonderful, amazing person you’ve ever known.

“Yeah, you’re awright.”

What the typical Aussie bloke looks like.

Do Real Aussies Drink Fosters?


Is Hugh Jackman Really That Hot?


Now, for the CONTEST.

Firstly, whaddya gonna win?

A handcrafted bangle hand painted by a traditional Aboriginal artist that I bought specially as a contest prize while visiting Uluru (aka Ayres Rock) in the Outback. It’s beautiful and unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the world…PLUS an ebook copy of the winner’s choice from whichever Diva’s backlist they desire…PLUS a very very hot 2011 calendar featuring some of Australia’s most delicious fieries (aka fire fighters).

Check out more of the calendar here

So, how do you win all this bloody brilliant stuff?

Simple. Leave a comment on every post from the Divas this week and you’re in the running. Come this time next week, Sami, Jess, RC and myself will hold a little party to select a winner (possibly pulling the winner’s name from a firefighter’s hat *grin*) and announce it right here on the blog.

To win an extra special EXTRA prize (ie, a signed copy of my Aussie contemporary paranormal, Death, The Vamp and His Brother) send me an email (at lexxie@ lexxiecouper. com) telling me your favourite Aussie hero/heroine from your favourite Down Under Diva. The first name I pull from the fierie’s hat, wins the signed copy.

So…how did we fare on our second Aussie education lesson? Are we still okay? 🙂