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Was that suitably poltergeisty? It’s been a teensy bit of a while since any of us blogged when we’re supposed to. This is all good news because we’ve been writing up a storm. At least I have. I can’t speak for the others maybe they’ve been goofing off.

That’s not true. Definitely not. In fact myself and Diva 1 and 2… or is that 2 and 3 or 1 and 4…? I don’t know, we’ve never bothered with numbers. Anyhoo, three of us have been working on a 3 book series that we’re going to announce here very very soon, as soon as we can share some cover love with you all.

For now I thought I’d post a few man pics, coz that’s one of my favorite things to do. A month or so back I discussed in great depth my concern that I’d turned into a dirty old woman because I was finding a lot of young guys sexy. Well, just to prove I’m not as lascivious as it might seem, I’ve decided to post a few pics of some silver foxes that make me drool… a little. Sometimes a lot.



And one more…

Dirty and Dangerous


Well our tagline says it all. We are all of us flirty, dirty and dangerous. I just never thought that translated to dirty old woman.

I was browsing for pics of Bradley Cooper today… just coz. I heard he’s actually super smart and that’s kind of a turn on so now I’m swooning a little. But in my quest to find sexy pics of a man who’s a perfectly appropriate age for me (only 4yrs younger so yeah, appropriate. Now if I could just work out the geographical distance thing and the fact that he’s made out with Scarlett Johanson and named sexiest man of the year and, oh yeah, the fact I’m married, then we’d be sweeeeet. Me and Bradley would be ON it tells ya), I came across a lot of images of other guys too. What can I say my mouse just works without my consent a lot of the time. But after a while I started to realise all these cuties were sadly WAY TOO YOUNG for a 40yr old mother of 2 such as myself. I started to wonder if I was a dirty old perv. I mean when I was younger I was into guys like Harrison Ford (Han Solo and Indiana Jones, you know it) and Richard Gere, men older than me by quite a bit. And while I’d still give those silver foxes a run for their money (or at least a really spritely walk), more and more I’m finding the men I see and go WOW LOOK AT THOSE ABS are so YOUNG.  Argh.

I was perfectly fine with turning 40. Now I think getting older sucks. What do you think?

This boy was born in 1992. I’d been legally drinking in licensed establishments for 4 yrs by then.




















I mentioned this shot on twitter today because it had so thoroughly distracted me from my work. Jared Padalecki is a little closer to my age, but he was born the year before I started high school, so still not really in my bracket. But now I want to break something in my house so he can come and weld it for me.
















Aussie cutie Liam Hemsworth starred with Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. After that he began dating her. A man who’s in Hannah Montana’s age group, really isn’t in mine.












I have no idea who this guy is, but I bet you $100 he’s not a day over 25.

I think it’s official. I’m a dirty old woman. Perhaps Bradley, who started this whole thing, ought to make me feel better.


















Now he’s more my age, and he’s wearing a suit like a real grown up and all. There’s hope for me yet :).

Have a great weekend,


Feelin’ Fine


I woke up with the flu today. Then I went for a root canal. My face is still swollen my throat is sore and I generally feel like crap. So I’m too shattered to even attempt to be witty or interesting. I need to be cheered up, so here goes:


Yes, I found a new website www.malemodelus. Sigh. Now I feel better.


Something to make me feel better


I’m sick. Poor me, boo hoo. I say this to forewarn you that this is going to be a lazy post, as staying propped up at the computer when you have an inner ear infection is more problematic than it sounds.


See? Now I feel better. David B lies around on the couch a lot too. Now if I could just share his couch my recovery would be complete :).

Have a good weekend,


Wicked Wednesday’s Casting Couch


It’s Wednesday Down Under. That means it’s time to get wicked 🙂

So, I’m going to be doublely wicked, by posting a snippet from my upcoming contemporary erotic menage tale, Triple Dare, and then compliment this written wickness with a piccie or two of the eye-candy wickedness that served as the inspiration for Triple Dare’s Aussie heroes.

Firstly, the excerpt. Now this is unedited, so please excuse all typos and mistakes (I’m an atrocious speller *grin*)


She licked her lips, the room’s rising temperature making her skin prickle. Or was that the layers of clothing she wore? Or the sight of Joseph and Rob with less clothing than her?

Damn, they were good looking.

And complete strangers. So why did she feel so safe with them?

Why was she just about to do the unthinkable with them?

Her gaze slipped to Joseph again, knowing he held the answer even if she couldn’t decipher it yet.

“How bout we help you with your clothing?”

Rob’s murmur tickled her ear and she started, more than a little stunned to discover he’d somehow moved to stand behind her without her even noticing.

Too busy staring at Joseph?

Warm hands smoothed up her back, over her shoulders. His fingers slid up the sensitive column of her neck, brushing at her nape before skimming back down to the neckline of her jacket. There was a slight tug and before she knew it, her jacket slipped from her body, falling to her feet in a crumpled heap of fluro-magenta.

She watched Joseph watching her, his nostrils flaring again, the muscles in his jaw bunched.

I want him to kiss me.

Rob’s hands travelled her shoulders, barely touching her. The slight caress of his palms on her arms through the thin material of her thermal sent a shiver up her spine and she pulled in a shaky breath, her nipples once again hard. Oh, God.

“C’mon, Joe,” Rob spoke against her neck, his lips warm on her flushed skin. “Don’t make me say it.”

Say what, Anna wanted to ask, but she couldn’t. The way Rob’s hands moved over her shoulders, her arms, down to her palms and back up to her shoulders again seemed to have stolen her words, a gentle caress that somehow still spoke of urgency.

Joseph swallowed, once, twice, his Adams apple working up and down his throat. And then he was standing right in front of her, so close she could feel his body heat seep into her. “You don’t have to, mate,” he said, holding her gaze with his honey-brown eyes. “Not at all.”

He lowered his head, brushing his lips over hers in a kiss that sang of such sweet hesitation her heart stopped for a still moment. Only to burst into fevered flight when he snaked his arms around her waist and yanked her against his body with a growl, his mouth crushing hers.

His tongue plunged past her lips, mating with hers. Battling it with possessive hunger.

So, there is an Australian battle after all. And I’m a part of it.

The surreal, absurd thought wafted through Anna’s head and she whimpered, curling her arms around Joseph’s neck to press her hips to his. His cock rammed against the flat plane of her belly, a rigid stiff pole not even remotely hidden by the bulk of his snow pants. Its size and width made her head swim, or perhaps that was the feel of Rob’s hands working their way down her waist to the band of own trousers.

“You have a fucking hot body,” he told her, his fingers working their way between her and Joseph until they dipped below the elastic band of her pants. “I saw it last night in the bar. Its lush curves and firm strength revealed by the tight jeans you wore.” He slipped his fingers closer to the mound of her sex, his other hand holding her hip as he pressed his groin to her ass. “The tighter t-shirt.”

Rob pushed his hips forward, his erection—as long and as impressive as Joseph’s—nudging the crevice of her ass cheeks through her snow pants. “Still,” he whispered against her ear, lips nipping her earlobe as he did so, “I think I’d like to see more of it.”

With a gentle but insistent tug, he pulled her back to his hips, his fingers moving to her waistband. Inching it down over her hips. Her thighs. “Oh, yes. I knew you would look like this.”

Joseph broke the kiss, stepping away from her a step to stare at what his friend had revealed. “Jesus Christ,” he said, the words choked. “So did I.”

She stood between them, her torso covered in a thin, shell-pink thermal, her legs bared to their hungry inspection. Rob stroked the back of her thigh, his thumb tracing a languid line over the curves of her butt cheeks. Her panties—skimpy and black—offered little protection from the slow contact and she let out a ragged breath, feeling her crotch grow damp.

Joseph’s nostrils flared again. “I can smell your desire, Anna.” His stare roamed her body, the thin space-age material of her top so stretched against her nipples it felt like a caress. “I can see it.” He raised his hands and took her breasts in each, rolling the pad of his thumb over her puckered nipples. The contact caused her bra—a silky little thing that was highly unsuitable for skiing and matched her panties perfectly—to scrape against each one and she hitched in another breath, gazing up at him.

“And I want to taste it,” Rob said behind her.

Joseph’s lips curled into a lopsided grin. “Me too.”

And now the inspirational eye-candy…

The inspiration for Joseph Hudson


This is Joseph Hudson, Times Australia’s Businessman of the Year, born sweetie and eternal romantic.

And this is Robert Thorton, Joseph’s best mate, marketing genius and all-round dare-devil.

The inspiration for Robert Thorton