It’s new release day over at Musa Publishing, which means my short, erotic story from their Finally Ever After line is now officially available.

The One That Got Away: The Blurb

Sometimes its impossible to know whether he was the one who got away or the one you’re definitely better off without…until he comes back into your life.

Lily Kember never dreamed a causal introduction to a friend’s friend would change her life, but three days after meeting Kai Jettison, she’s fallen deeply and irrevocably in love.

Kai falls just as hard, yet minutes after telling her as much he has no choice but to rip her heart to shreds, leaving whatever has blossomed between them lying in tatters on the ground.

It’s been five months since that fateful day. Five months of no contact. Now Kai is attending the same end of year bash as Lily, and bumping into him seems unavoidable. Lily’s choices are limited: either steel her emotions against Kai or risk losing her heart to him all over again.

The One That Got Away: An Excerpt

It seemed like eons passed before she floated back to earth. Eons before she registered her surroundings again, registered the sated, replete thrumming in her body. Eons before a satisfied smile curved her lips and she happily accepted Kai’s weight as he settled above her, his muscled chest resting against her breasts, his hard cock nestled on her thigh and his hot mouth seeking hers.
His kiss was as wicked as his lovemaking had been. He tasted of him and of her and of carnal sex. She couldn’t get enough.
“Christ, Lil.” Her name emerged as a soft groan. “What have you done to me?”
“Exactly what you’ve done to me, I hope.”
He shook his head. “You…move me,” he breathed. “Shake my world in ways I never knew possible. Never expected.” And then he spoke no more as he took her lips in another stunning kiss.
His cock strained and thumped against her thigh, and she wound her legs around his waist, wanting him inside as much as he seemed to want to get inside her. She rocked against him, inviting him in.
He released her mouth with a growl.
“Make love to me, Kai. Shake my world.”
The brown of his eyes was almost invisible around his huge pupils as he stared down at her, his expression haunted. “Lily…”
He sounded tortured.
“I…” His body shuddered violently. “Lily… Fuck!”
Instant apprehension hit her in the chest. “W-what’s wrong?”
“I— Shit, I don’t wanna say this.“ His face contorted in self-disgust. “But there’s something you need to know.”


You can get your copy of The One That Got Away for the bargain price of $0.99.

It’s available now at Musa Publishing and at Amazon.

The book will soon be available from Barnes and Noble, but if you can’t wait til then, you can buy it in .ePub format direct from Musa.