From e-screen to big screen

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Otherwise titled: if my book was ever made into a movie…

Following on from Lexxie and Sami’s posts, I’ve had loads of fun trying to determine who would play the lead roles in Dinner at Eight.

(And yeah, I had to choose Dinner. It’s just released, and I’m still totally stoked about that.)


When it came down to the crunch, there were really on two contenders.

For the role of Jared Thurston, I had no option but to choose…

Quite apart from the undeniable fact that Channing Tatum is the hottest male on two legs, anyone who has seen the movie, The Vow, will understand why he’d be the perfect choice to play Jared.

Hmm, I wonder how he’d sound with an Australian accent.

And who would his leading lady be? This one was also a no brainer, by mere virtue of the fact that the actress is a dead ringer for Ava:

Yep, Mila Kunis would be the ideal match for Channing:

So, can you imagine Channing and Mila playing out this little scene?


“Look at me.” His warm breath washed over her cheek.

Was that apprehension shooting the goose bumps down her arms—or something else altogether?

He tugged gently on her hair, tipping her head back. “Open your eyes so you can see my face, understand my intent.”

Helpless to resist, she did and found him staring at her. His face was close enough to jerk her heart into a jagged beat.

His gaze trapped hers, his eyes filled with tenderness. “You’re safe with me,” he promised. “Always.”


Ah, it’s nice to daydream.

I’ll see you at the movies.




If My Book Was A Movie…

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I thought this week it would be fun for the Divas to pick any one of their books and cast it for a new Hollywood blockbuster. (Can you imagine the casting couch!!) We get to say who we’d like to star in the movie, and then YOU GUYS get to say who YOU’D cast.

What do you think? (Yes, this has been inspired by the Oscars. Yes, I saw Neil Patrick Harris in his tighty whities. Hee hee hee)

Okay, I’m going to kick the week off with MY movie (and I reckon most of you will be surprised with the book I’ve picked). Ready?

Dark Destiny (aka Death, the Vamp and his Brother)

The tagline…

When it comes down to love or duty, pick a side—and pray your heart survives. 

The synopsis…

Death exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to sever the life-threads of the living. She does her job with pride and an unwavering commitment. Nothing ruffles her. Until she encounters Patrick Watkins.

The Australian lifeguard pushes all her buttons—and makes her tailbone itch like crazy. And when her tailbone itches, it means trouble is brewing. Big trouble.

As far as Patrick’s concerned, everything Death tells him is a load of bull. But what if she’s right? How is he expected to save mankind from the worst fate of all—the Apocalypse? Especially when all he can think about is how quickly he’s falling in love with the most feared Horseman of them all…

The poster…

The cast…


chris-hemsworth-4Chris Hemsworth. For two reasons. One, he’s a bloody hot Aussie who can do simmering rage and relaxed humour (Patrick through and through) and two…err…see reason one. *grin*


Ven is Patrick’s OLDER brother, but because he was turned to a vampire quite a few years ago, he now looks like Patrick’s younger brother…and it would make sense to cast Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother as his older (albeit immortal…ish) one. See? Sound logic?

Death (aka Fred)

Death, the Grim Reaper, the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse…call her what you will, but she tends to call herself Fred. And the only person I can see playing her with the right level of devilish fun and yet menacing danger is Scarlett Johansson (with pitch black hair).e3c687f15d84498ecd73514d208beb86


Gotta be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In sleazy, whiney mode. Perfect.


Now… it’s your turn. Who would you cast in Dark Destiny (or, what other book of mine would you make into a movie and who would you cast?) Go…


Rocking print releases

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The print release from the Divas this month rock. In more ways than one.

First off, they are 50% off at Samhain. THAT IS A MASSIVE SAVING!

And secondly, they’re both about rock stars!

1) Rhythm of my Heart: Jess Dee

He rocks every woman’s world, but his heart beats only for her.Speed, Book 3Makeup artist Eve Andrews is an expert at blending into the background. Landing a job with the rock band Speed is the opportunity of a lifetime, and thankfully as close to the spotlight as she’ll ever get again—until the band’s sinfully sexy drummer turns his dazzling eyes on her.

After a scandal shook his world, Zachary Pace, a.k.a. “Jonah Speed”, has given up the one-night stands and easy lays. One look at Eve, and he senses his self-imposed abstinence is about to come to a screeching halt—but he’s confused. His grandmother foretold his destiny lies with a beautiful redhead, not a tiny, brown-haired pixie.

Under the heat of Zachary’s intense focus, Eve’s resistance melts away, but not the façade that hides her terrible secret. And when she accidentally catches a glimpse of his heart’s desire—his fated redhead—her instincts tell her to let him go…before he gets too close. Before he sees the real woman behind her mask, and her heart is left in the dust of his almost-certain retreat.

Product Warnings

This is a Speed book, so you know there’s gonna be a small element of fantasy to it. And a big element of romance. Oh, yeah, and a whole lot of sex. Sex hot enough to make you throb to the rhythm of a very sensual beat…  

Rhythm of my Heart is available now from Samhain for only $6.30. (That is ridiculously cheap for a print book!!!)


2) Steady Beat by Lexxie Couper

He never missed a beat…until she taught him a whole new rhythm.Heart of Fame, Book 4Back when he was playing drums for rock star Nick Blackthorne, it was easy for Noah Holden to focus on the sticks in his hand. Now that the band is getting back together, he’s excited—and worried. His ADHD has made every minute of his post-Blackthorne life a chaotic mess.

His apprehension is blown away when a bar waitress makes him a proposition—and not the kind this king of drums is used to.

When Pepper Kerrigan overhears the band talking reunion, she pushes her self-doubt aside, calls on her encyclopedic music knowledge and challenges Noah Holden to a trivia contest. Her prize should she win? An audition. His? A kiss. Their smoking sexual chemistry guarantees victory—for them both.

With Pepper, Noah is finally able to control his stormy creative energy. But when his wild past catches up with him, he faces the fight of his life to keep from losing his smoky-voiced angel. The one woman who keeps his mind—and his heart—staying on rhythm.

Product Warnings

There’s a thrumming primitive sexual energy in every rock drummer’s body just waiting to be released.

Steady Beat is also available from Samhain for the ridiculous price of only $6.30.

Happy reading,

Jess & Lexxie


Interrupting the week of WIP men for a special announcement

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With apologies for interrupting the hotness that is the “Week of Diva WIP Men”, but I have a special announcement:

In a surprise move by Samhain Publishing, Red Red Wine is now on sale for a limited time!

The book has been discounted from $4.50 to just 99c!

You can get your copy at:

Samhain Publishing,

Barnes & Noble


Kobo has it on sale too, for $1.15. (I’m guessing that’s because it’s priced in Canadian dollars?)

Not sure if you wanna read it?

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“This book is one of those feel good romances and one I could easily see made into a Lifetime movie, well except Lifetime would make it boring because they’d cut out all the really hot scenes.” Slick Reads, Guilty Pleasures Reviews.

” Red Red Wine is a truly hot erotic romance. This is my first read from Ms. Dee and it certainly will not be the last. This story opens with a bang and just continues to entertain until the very last paragraph. Authors that can successfully blend an interesting story with eroticism is a rare talent, and Ms. Dee presents this winning combination beautifully.” Sara, Harlequin Junkie.

Red Red Wine: The Blurb

She’s tantalizing…tempting…and taken.

Tastes of Seduction, Book 2

When Andrew Stafford’s business partner banishes him from work with strict instructions to take a much-needed holiday, the offer of five days relaxing in wine country is too enticing to refuse. As is the woman he encounters the minute he arrives at the hotel.

She’s everything Andrew’s ever wanted in a partner, and meeting her should be the answer to all of his prayers. Except for one thing—she’s strictly off limits.

Tori Worthing has never been happier. She’s about to marry an amazing man, and her life is laid out perfectly before her—until her dream winery wedding becomes an unexpected nightmare. Her heart shattered, she turns to the one place she never expected to find comfort—a stranger’s arms.

Tori and Andrew both know theirs is a rebound affair destined to end when the week is over. But when the time comes, letting her go proves to be the hardest step Andrew’s ever had to take.

Warning: Jilted brides are not supposed to have this much fun. Especially when the fun involves a bottle of red, a sexy man and getting naked in the gazebo at midnight.

At 99c, who can resist?



(PS, normal posting of Week of Diva WIP Men will resume tomorrow.)

Reading Romance – Lisa and Bobbie’s journeys


Today is a special one Down Under. We Divas don’t just have one wonderful guest blogging with us…we have two!

Lisa G and Bobbie B are long time romance readers, Twitterers and Facebookers. We love them dearly, are proud to call them friends and are very excited to have them both here as part of our Reader Special week.


Please welcome Bobbie and Lisa to the Down Under Divas.



Hi everyone!! We are Bobbie B and Lisa G (aka mamaboo7907 and wolphcall on Twitter). 

(An aside from Jess: Follow these ladies on Twitter. They’re super fun to chat with.)

Thank you Down Under Divas for having us today!!

Bobbie: So the question is what do I love about reading romance? Well, let me see: sex, love, a story so emotionally written it rips my heart out and puts it back in again by the happy ending, sex, vampires, sex , wolves *giggles* See a theme there?

Lisa: ROFLMAO, great minds think alike. No wonder we are best friends. My loves about romance include: hot strong Alpha men, strong fierce women, light your sheets on fire sex, and a happy ending. How can you go wrong?

Bobbie: So Lisa, when did you start reading romance? How old were you?

Lisa: I started with Sweet Valley High around 11-12 years old, progressed to Harlequin and the bodice ripper historicals, and when I was 18 I found Lora Leigh and Christine Feehan. Now I am all about the hot smexy stuff with a good story line. I read, mainly, contemporary and paranormal erotic romance now.  Bobbie, when did you start?  What do you read now?

Bobbie: I have always been an avid reader, but I started reading romance at 12 when I found my mom’s Harlequins. Not long afterwards, Silhouette came out with the Shadows line and my love for paranormal romance began. I found erotic romance when I found Bertrice Small in my local library (which was conveniently three blocks from my home).  I read, mainly, m/m and paranormal erotic romance.  I started finding groups of likeminded readers online after picking up a book by Crystal Jordan and finding the Smutketeers Yahoo group. When did you find online groups, Lisa?

Lisa: When I read Three’s Company by Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, and Lorelei James, I went and found them on Twitter. I paid attention to their conversations, found Day Dreaming Dawn and her blog.  I also found Phoung Phan (aka bookfan747) who introduced me to an ever expanding world of authors. It also lead me to you, Bobbie. You showed me even more than I expected to ever find.

Bobbie: Awww, I heart you too Lisa. Yes, my fellow Divas, reading romance lead me to Lisa as well as an awesome lady in Canada. They are my BFFs, and I couldn’t imagine life without them or romance books. We are always comparing authors, publishers, reviews, discussing scenes, and asking the deep questions like “did they really have sex there”, “is that position even possible”, or “where can I find men like that?”

Lisa: Don’t forget “why would you even want to have sex with that person” or “did you see what that that hussy tried to do to the hero?” One of my personal favorite scene discussions was about Ty the sexy dragon and how he made the beach sand turn into glass. (Thank you, Lexxie!!) *fanning herself* The hotness, the horniness, and where in the hell did the batteries go?!? The essential discussions all readers have eventually.

Bobbie: *giggle snort* I keep stock in batteries no doubt. Romance books have made my life so much better. I found my best friends, some awesome authors, and a huge world of people just like me. Had you asked me three years ago, if I would be posting on blogs or talking to authors now, I would have told you it was impossible, there was no way it would happen.  What about you, Lisa?

Lisa: I got into romance because it gave me an escape from reality. It is my stress relief and sanity keeper. Bobbie and I both have special needs children, and romance frees us from the downhill slide into depression. Three years ago, I never imagined the friends I now have. I am blessed to know so many authors and great people who don’t judge you for what you read. The support in the romance community is priceless.

Bobbie: Ditto.

Bobbie and Lisa: Our favorite authors include: Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, Lexxie Couper, Mari Carr, Rhian Cahill, Lorelei James, Cari Quinn, Shelly Laurenston/GA Aiken, SE Jakes, RG Alexander, Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, Robin L Rotham, Crystal Jordan, Shelli Stevens, Jaci Burton, Maya Banks, Shayla Black, Karen Erickson, Kelly Jamieson, LA Witt/Lauren Gallagher, Jambrea Jo Jones, Vivian Arend, Sophie Oak, Melissa Schroeder, Cassandra Carr, Sami Lee, Lila Dubois, Bianca D’Arc, Kellie Kamryn, Beth Williamson, Kate Pearce, Kallypso Masters, Tymber Dalton, Lexi Blake, Lex Valentine, and Carrie Ann Ryan.

Now for the fun part my romance junkies. Lisa and Bobbie are offering up two $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Cards to two lucky people (one per winner, two winners). All you have to do to enter is answer this question: Have you found friends through reading romance yourself?

***Contest is open 72 hours (U.S. eastern time). Please leave your email address in your comment, so we can email you if you win. Open to where ever Amazon or Barnes and Noble GCs go, and you have to be 18 or older to win. Winners will be picked by Random.org, announced here in the comments, and emailed by either Lisa or Bobbie within 24 hours of contest closing.***

Another note from Jess:

Good luck to all contestants, and THANK YOU Lisa and Bobbie for visiting.

(Oh, and I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I kinda like your favorite author list.)


Reading Romance – Connie Caputo-Thomas’ Journey


This week we are sharing some of our amazing readers’ journeys to romance (and our books. Hee hee hee) and our first guest is Connie. I met Connie for the first time via another reader (Val Meglis, who is super awesome). Val introduced us and the rest is history. At RT in Kansas City this year, I got to meet Connie (and Val) in person! And let me say, she is bloody brilliant!!

Connie shares with us all today her journey to reading romance. (Hee, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Connie says she can’t write, but I tell you, I think she’s fooling herself. I love this blog post. Love it!)

Readers, I give you one of your own…Connie 🙂

Here we go.. Was I always an avid ready… HELL NO! Maybe when I was a kid growing up in Canada my mom, like all moms, bought me my first Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery and that was it, my first romance novel.  Go find a Canadian girl and ask them if they haven’t read the Anne of Green Gables series and I would find that strange.  I went and ready all the series books, including Anne’s children books and then like all young adults I just stopped reading and swapped it out for partying and having a good time.   Who am I? Connie or Concetta , which ever sounds more sexy and romantic! Yes I’d like to have both.
TwilightbookA few years ago I was stressed out with work and needed something, I didn’t know what but over the years I have read a few books but not many.  It was 1am in the morning one night and I happened to see this movie Twilight on and figured, who cares if I go to work tired, might as well watch it and see what all the hype it about.  At this time the Twilight series was getting close to releasing the third movie.  I don’t know if it was something in that daze of tired/stressed out mode that something in that movie affected me, I loved it and wanted to READ the book just to find out what happened, low and behold it was a series! Something just sparked and I ran out and had my MOM buy the books, yep I was a little embarrassed to be buying YA books, why would a GROWN woman want to read some teenage romance?! Right…Well WHY NOT?   I needed a good romance some sort of escape from the real world.  I do attribute the initial spark from my mom (for buying me Anne of Green Gables) and who reads ALL the time but something that night changed everything for me.

So here I am…beta reader for Lexxie Couper and loving every minute of it.  Do I get to read everything, no, wish I lack of time, I do need SOME sleep.  I have read at least ONE book of all the DUD and I keep trying to read them all… You women are fantastic you let me escape reality, although I have to say some of you the books are so real I can see myself in them! I love ALL romance novels, historical, contemporary, YA, erotic, paranormal, simple, detailed etc.   If it’s a romance it’s for me.  I actually have had some of the best dreams that I sometimes am unsure if it ISNT true! Haha I also have a recurring idea that I dream, day dream about often and wonder if maybe I should pick up the pen (not literally as I can just use my laptop) and jot down some notes.  Even if it’s only for me.

Ultimately it was one stressed out night 4 years ago that I decided it was time to change some things for the better and since then I have met some of the best women! Going to RT would have never entered into my head simply because I wouldn’t have known about it. It’s like one door opened and then another, then VAL introduced me to a teaser book from Mari (NYT Best Seller Mari Carr) and Lexxie each and nothing has been the same since and I honestly DON’T ever want it to be. I have a better life now for my family and friends because I take me time and read all those sexy books you ladies put out there.  There is this quote from the movie Eat, Pray, Love (the Italian part naturally being my favorite), “la dolce far niente” or simply put, “the great do nothing” and that speaks VOLUMES to me now.  Yes, take the time to smell the roses, when was the last time you did? I know I do all the time now. IMG_4161

Umm, ok did I even write about what I was supposed to for this? Hmmm well maybe not but I hope you enjoy my little bit about your fan – me!

Haiku (because Lexxie dared me).

Those muscles are so hard and defined,

I want to touch and lick every inch of him, and I do.                                         

Damn did I just wake up from a dream?!


Connie, THAT is my favourite haiku you’ve ever written *grin*

Thank you for being a guest of the Divas, and most especially, thanks for being a fan. For that, we Divas are YOUR biggest fans 🙂