1. Zombie makeup takes a week to scrape from under your fingernails, but with perserverence and a good soaking agentit can be removed from white cotton.
  2. Connecting flights suck. Big hairy dingo balls. Next time I travel anywhere in the US I’m spending a night in LA before flying anywhere else.
  3. I’m still an introvert at heart. While I love getting together with other writers and doing the wild wacky stuff (did I mention zombie makeup?), and I adore connecting with readers, by the end of the the intense, week-long festival of human contact I long to curl up inside my shell and hide for a while.
  4. Going to conventions like RT is gold for a romance author. It gives us great ideas about promotional stuff, what works, what doesn’t. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet editors and publishers face-to-face, the kind of opportunity we rarely get in Australia. And it’s all tax deductable (hubby’s 2 favorite words)
  5. Being Mummy is the role of the many I play that I cherish the most. Again, while I love going out and being ‘Sami’, there’s nothing like being there to hug the Princess and the Cherub goodnight, to help them learn to read and swim and become budding grown ups, to watch as they turn into little people right before my eyes. Everything else, including US trips and book releases and reviews and online friends and real-life friends and all that, is gravy. I’m so fortunate to have real meaning in my life AND lots and lots of gravy.

Thanks to everyone I met in Chicago for showing me such a great time. Hope we can all meet again soon!

Sami and Lexxie