Sexy Or Not?


It’s been a while since I drew attention to those out there in the movie/television world who weren’t meant to be sexy but, for some reason, are. Let’s remedy that, shall we…

1/ Agent Phil Coulson (The Avengers)


I’m not sure what it is about Coulson, but whatever it is, it’s making me continue to watch Agents of Shield long after I would have if he wasn’t in it. I think it’s his calm demeanour in the face of any threat/danger/frenzied. Or his poised confidence. Or his nose. I don’t know what it is, but yes, I do find him sexy. Big time.

2/ Abed (Community)


Okay, this one I know is weird. For those that watch Community, maybe you can tell me why I find this OCD (among other things) community college student so…appealing. I think it has something to do with his geek knowledge. But it could be his nose… Hmmm….

3/ Tyrion (Game of Thrones)


This one I can explain. It’s aaaaaalllllll in the attitude. The snark. The sarcasm. The intelligence. The wit. The self-contempt and self-confidence. It’s all of that wrapped around a man who just wants someone, anyone, to value him. And his bedroom eyes.

4/ Fusco (Person of Interest)


It’s hard not to look beyond Reese for make-you-melt sexiness in the show Person of Interest, but Fusco…short, round, reclining-hairline Fusco makes me happy. Why? Because his character arc has been incredible. He started as a corrupt cop and is now all bags of awesome. And not just because he stands up to Reese when he needs to.

5/ Munroe (Grimm)


Munroe may not actually belong on this list. I don’t know if the creators of the vegetarian Blutbad (i.e. werewolf) intending him to be sexy or not. If they did, they hit the mark, because that sensitive almost-buddhist attitude toward violence of his wrapped around a simmering temper and menace of the most feared Wesen in the Grimm world is downright sexy. Or maybe it’s just his nose…

So, your turn. Is there any one out there in television or the movies who pushes your buttons that probably shouldn’t? Who wants to be brave and confess?

Sexy Or Not – The Villain Edition

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I received a review today for Savage Transformation. It was a great review, but one particular line got me thinking, how often are the villains sexy?

Here’s that line: “As much as I hated Daeved Einar, Savage Transformation’s resident baddie, I also loved him. He was one of the best villains I have run across this year. He was consistently good at being bad and I found him as charismatic as I did horrific.” Hee, gotta love a line like that.

Anyways, without further delay, lets take a look at five villains and see if they should be labled sexy. Or not. Ready?

The Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman-style) Robin Hood: Prince of Theives Scene-chewing, psychotic egomaniac that he is, the Sheriff certainly knows how to woe a girl: round up a bunch of village kids and threaten to kill them all if Maid Marion doesn’t agree to be his wife. Okay, that’s probably being a tad too persuasive, but what gets me the most is the way he storms around in all that black leather. And that hair. Oh God, I could lose myself in that hair. Any time the Sheriff fancies playing Good Cop/Bad Cop, I’ll be the suspect. We’ll just leave out the “Good Cop” bit.

Deacon Frost (Blade) Okay, so he wants nothing more than to be the Vampire Blood God and rid the world of humans. True, this may put a little dampener on a buddy romance/lustful relationship, but I reckon most women could forgive him when they look into his baby-blues (not so blue in the above piccie, I’ll admit) and listen to him reveal the heartache of being a “deprived vampire”. Or when he declares quite adamently that the human race is there to be eaten. Hmmm…I’m thinking he can take a bite out of my any day…or should that be any night?

Tyler Durden (Fight Club) I’ll admit, I actually have no real idea if Tyler is a villain or a hero. I mean, I’ve watched this film countless times and it still messes with my head. But it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t. Because of two things: 1/ Tyler’s shoulders and chest (look at them *sigh*) and 2/ the utterly sexy line “I fuck like you wanna fuck.” (By the way, did you know there are actually EIGHT Rules of Fight Club?)

Jafar (Aladin) My rather bizarre attraction to animated characters is showin again, I know, but there’s something sinfully…appealing about Jafar. Is it that long staff he constantly holds in his hand? Is it the wicked goatee? The fact he named his bird Iago? I think it’s the attitude – I wants what I wants and I aim to get it. Then again, it could be that loooong staff…

Which brings me to Iago (Othello) Shakespeare’s Iago is my favourite villain ever ever created. He is the epitome of charming deception. He is intelligent, witty and highly sensual. His language is evocative and every word drips with double-meaning. He out-smarts everyone…except himself (his ending is far from happy), but boy, does he know how to turn a phrase… “Your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.” *sigh* Gotta love a guy who can describe having sex so eloquently 😉


So, that’s five villains. What do you say? Did I get any right? Who would you add to this list?