Monday is the day one of the Divas will post an example of something they think is magnificent. It could be anything, from an excerpt from their latest WIP, a movie they’ve seen, a book they’ve read, recipe to make you drool, or some magnificent eye-candy that will also make you drool. Whatever it is, Monday is the day for magnificence here at Down Under Divas and to begin with, we have the very delicious, very delectable, very sexy, very magnificent…Ryan Kwanten.

Now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you Ryan Kwanten plays the totally sexy, totally clueless hunk Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s True Blood (and if I do have to tell you, you really really need to go out and hire/buy/beg for a copy of True Blood on DVD and watch it immediately). But, did you know Ryan Kwanten is an Aussie? Born and bred?

Kwanten was born in Sydney, New South Wales to Eddie Kwanten, a worker at NSW Maritime, and Kris, a lifeline op-shop coordinator.

He is of Dutch ancestry on his father’s side (which is where that rather exotic surname comes from, I’m guessing). Kwanten has two brothers, Mitchell, who is a musician and Lloyd, who is a doctor. He attended Catholic school and I’m pretty damn certain he was the embodiment of original sin even then.

There’s not much more for me to say at this point, because I think Ryan’s magnificence is pretty self-evident so I shall finish the inaugral Magnificent Mondy with some more images of Ryan being…well, magnificent. (On a less shallow front, I’ve heard he is one of the nicest blokes around with a fantastic sense of humour…as just about all Aussies do *grin*)

(NB – I included the last image to a/show you how un-shallow I am by recognising a man can be sexy as sin fully clothed, and b/ show you just how damn sexy as sin Ryan Kwanten is while fully clothed *grin*)