It’s Monday morning, the weekend is over, but the buzz still remains.

Yep, ARRC 2011 is finished, but it was a fabulous weekend. The ARRC committee did an incredible job organising the entire event, and I have to say loud and clear, HATS OFF TO THE ENTIRE COMMITTEE!

So, I met some wonderful people there, readers and writers alike. Some new faces, some old…and some old faces bringing along new faces. (Yeah, Lisa, I’m still blushing that both you and your mum read my books. Altho having met your mum now, I’m blushing AND smiling!) I got some old books signed, and some new. And I stupidly left books I REALLY wanted signed at home. (Insert here: Tracey O Hara’s Dark Brethren series.)

Ah, and I have discovered some new-to me-authors, which is brilliant. Lisa Heidke and Christine Darcas both write contemporary (Chic-lit style) romance set in Aussie. Can’t wait to tuck in to their (signed) books. The minute I saw Christine’s book, Spinning Out, I knew I had to read the book. That could be a picture of me on the cover:

Lexxie Couper, Rhian Cahill and myself had a blast sitting on the Erotic Romance panel, with fellow erotic romance authors, Denise Rossetti, Maggie Nash and Cathleen Ross.

And I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on another panel with Erica Hayes (proud author of what her hubby calls the ‘faery porn’ series, Shaowfae Chronicles), Anna Campbell (who NEVER stops talking. No seriously, never!), Shannon Curtis and Helene Young (both of whom are new to me authors, write romantic suspense…and I’m looking forward to reading.)

Now apparently the Paranormal Romance panel Lexxie and Rhian participated in rocked! But I believe things spiraled downhill after Lexxie introduced….wait for it…duck shifters. (Perhaps they can comment on that?)

The book signing was really cool. The part I loved best? Sitting a couple seats away from International best selling author Cindy Gerard, and watching the line of readers anxiously awaiting her autograph twisting way back through the room…as I twiddled my pen with my nothing to do. 😉

The highlight of the weekend had to be the Australian Romance Readers Awards dinner on Sat night.And if you’re wondering why it was the highlight, well, 3 of the Divas were nominated for awards:

Lexxie Couper: for best erotic romance of 2010 for Savage Transformation and Copping A Feel

Rhian Cahill: for best erotic romance of 2010 for Coyote Home and Coyote Wild

Jess Dee: for Best erotic romance of 2010 for Raising the Stakes, and Favorite Australian Romance Writer of 2010.

And lookie here:

Yep. Raising the Stakes won. 😀

Other award winners were Nalini Singh (THREE AWARDS!), Anna Campbell (TWO AWARDS!), Helene Young, Paula Roe and Kandy Shepard. (In fact, Helene Young has  a couple of pics on her blog of the winners if you’re interested.)

Ah, take a look at the books I got to take home:

In all, we had a brilliant time. But, I don’t want to draw this post out much longer for fear of boring you to tears. RC and Mr C have taken TONS of pics. Hopefully, RC will put  a few up on the blog after this.